Biology the science of life

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Unit 1


Theme: Biology - the science of life

Grammar: The Present Indefinite Tense

Ноанпк \mnprn чамон феъ.ш

Science is organized knowledge” (II. Spenser)


Biology - the Science of life

Biology is the science of life. The word biology is formed from the Greek word “bios” (life) and “logos” (word). But what do the word science and life mean? The source in General Biology attempts to explain the understanding of ihese terms.

The general meaning of the w'ord science is knowledge. There are two aspects of science that we must differ

  1. Science is viewed as a body of knowledge which has accumulated over the centuries. All who want to understand basic principles of biology and to discuss biological problems must be familiar with ihese findings.

  2. Science is a way of gaining know ledge Students work in the laboratory is a repetition of classical observation and experiments in biology. Readings and lectures usually bring out the history of scientific problems. In all the methods of accuring scientific information there seems to be certain common elements. A scientific method deals effectively only with that which is objective. A scientist observes certain natural occurance - phenomena lie records measures what he observes, but he is interested in doing more than that he asks what the meaning of his observation may be Me suggests an explanation - a hypothesis. The scientist and his colleagues test hypothesis by closer observation of the origional phenomena But they may make a special kind of observation under controlled condition - an experiment

The experiments are a way of conceniraling and shortening the process of reaching conclusive tests of hypothesis. Sciences that test hypothesis regularly by use of experiments are called experimental sciences.

Explanatory Notes

Cut - and - dried - prepared or arranged beforehand Routine - a detailed method or procedure regularly followed To plan a career - 6y ерда ишни режалаштирмоқ

Word combinations

  1. be aware of - билмоқ, тушунмоқ


for instance



in general

- умуман, одатда


because of

- .... сабабли, туфайли



- .... га хос булган


a good deal of

- куп, катта мнқдорда


at least

- ҳеч булмаганда



- .... га бнноан, монанд


for one thing

- бирннчидан, энгаввало


and so on

- ва шу кабнлар, ва бошкалар


. from now on

- бундан буёғига


. be related io

- бирор нарсага алоқадор булмоқ

New words and word combinations:


Biology - биология (хаёт ва тирнк табиат ҳақидаги


science -



to form -

ташкнл этмоқ, ташкил қил.моқ, у


to attempt •

уриниб курмок, сннаб курмоқ


to explain -

тушунтириб бермоқ, изоҳламоқ


understanding -

тушуниш, билиш


meaning -

маъно, малмун


to differ -

фарқнга бормоқ, фарқ қилмоқ


century -

юл йил,аср


. familiar •

яқнн таниш, ухшаш тушунарлг



- олмоқ, эга булмоқ, эришмоқ


. knowledge

- билим


. to bring out

- курсатмоқ, тасвирламоқ


. to acquire

- олмоқ, эга булмоқ


. objective

- ҳолис, беғараз қараш


. occurance

- воқеа, ҳодиса


. phenomena -

ҳодиса, руй бермоқ, (камдан


] 8 to suggest

  1. hypothesis

  2. condition

  3. conclusive

  4. colleague

  5. scientist
таклиф қилмоқ, уқтирмоқ, таъсир курсатмоқ

гипотела, фараэ, тахмин, мулжал


якуннн, охирги, ҳал қилувчи ҳамкасб, шерик, ҳамкор олим,тадқиқотчи

  1. Practice the following for pronunciation











  1. Answer the following questions:

  1. What is the science?

  2. What does science study?

  1. What is biology?

  1. What does the word “biology” mean in Creek?

  2. What is an experiment?

  3. Do you like to make experiments in the laboratory?

  4. What is your favourite subject?

  5. Do you like to read books on biology?

  6. What is called an experimental science?

10. What do we call a hypothesis?

  1. ( live Uzbek equivalents for:

To be formed from, to explain the understanding, general meaning, a body of knowledge, basic principles, observations, scientific problems, scientific information, common elements, scientific method, experimental science.

  1. Find cnglish equivalents of the foliowing phrases in the text:

Бнлим, ҳаракат қнлнб куриш, фан, бнологияга оид масалалар, биологиядаги тажрибалар, илмий муаммолар, илмий ахборот, умумий (асосин) қисмлар, илмий усул. бнрор нарсага қизиқмоқ, ҳамкасб. тажриба, илмий тадқиқотга онд фанлар, фараз.

  1. Find in the text the sentences with the following ward combinations and translate them into Uzbek:

  1. to explain the understanding;

  2. knowledge;

  3. to discuss;

  4. bring out the history;

5 experiments in biology;

  1. to suggest an explanation;

  2. special kind of observation;

  3. test of hypothesis;

  1. Fill in the blanks with necessary prepositions:

  1. We studied biology and chemistry school.

  1. Students like to make different experiments the laboratory.

  2. Biology is the science life.

  1. When the forest children usually observe various phenomena of nature?

  2. Lectures bring the history of scientific problems.

  3. books we know much the results of the experiments in the

laboratories of our country

7. Students planted many trees the yard University

  1. Translate the fallowing sentences into Uzbek:

I Uzbek scientist made a great contribution to the world science.

  1. Abu Ali Ibn Sina (Avicenna) the greatest scientist in the u'orld worked much at the biological problems.

  1. In the students club we always discuss general medical and biological problems of our time.

  2. A young biologist of our Institute devotes much time to the work in the laboratory.

  3. Last month two groups of our faculty u'ent to the mountains and made interesting experiments there.

  1. T ranslatc with a dictionary:


The child of Chemistry and Biology.

Biochemistry is one of the youngest branches of biology It is a young branch of chemistry. Biochemistry may be defined as the chemistry of living organisms, from the primitive to complicated ones. The research into the chemistry of organisms may be considered from 3 aspects The first is the study of compositions of organisms. Research of these problems gives a clear idea from which every living thing is constructed. Such research is the essence of static biochemistry. The second aspect deals with all the complex transformations. This is the reseach into dynamic biochemistry. The third aspect elucidates ihe biological or psychological importance of chemical reactions in an organism. This we call functional biochemistry. The science is developing very quicliy and research in this sphere of knowledge has become international

A big contribution has been made by biochemists. Their research into the functional biochemistry of the brain has won a universal recognition


  1. Translate the following sentences from Uzbek into English using the

Present Indefinite Tense:

  1. Биологик тажрибаларни талабалар куллиёт лабораторияларида утказишади.

  2. Ҳамма биладики билим бу куч-қудрат манбандир.

  3. Мен фанларнинг охнрги ютуқларига оид китобларни уқишга ҳаракат қиламан.

  4. Нодира табиатдаги ғайритабний ҳодисаларни кузатишни ёқтнради.

  5. Лаборатория шаронтнда тажрнбалар утказиш учун олнйгозда ҳамма шароитлар яратилган.

  6. Бизнннг биохммикларимиз дунё аҳамиятнга эга булган фанларнинг ривожланишига уз ҳнссаларнни қушдилар.

  1. Translate into Uzbek:

  1. We like to read scientific articles.

  2. I don’t like to read newspaspers in the morning

  3. Olim doesn’t always watch films on TV

  4. In spring students of our faculty usually spend much time in the fields of our region.

  1. We often meet in the library of our University and discuss various problems.

A Dialogue

  1. Good morning!

  2. Good morning!

  1. Where are you going to so early?

  2. I’m going to the University laboratory now. We have a biology laboratory where we make various experiments with plants

A Oh, it’s very interesting to hear about it And what do you observe there in ihe laboratory?

B. We make a special kind of observation under various conditions. We plant flowers, trees and grow them even in winter.

  1. I wish you success in your experiments Bye-bye.

  2. See you later!

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