Bold​ ​will represent us at the County level. Name in ​ red

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Congratulations to the following students who represented WEST at 

the Alton District Young Authors Conference March 15, 2018. 

Names in ​bold ​will represent us at the County level.  

Name in ​

red​ ​

will represent us at the State level.  


2nd Grade 


Jaida Bell - Alex was Afraid of the Dark 

Cecilia Carter - Boo Boo and the Fire Drill 

Tommy Cerutti - The Donut Man 

Avry Eberlin - I Like Boxes 

A’Maiya Franklin - Snow Day 

Brook Godfrey - Stealing Second 

Kai’Lyn Gray - The Ginger Bread House and Man 

Elizabeth Hanebutt - Barkley Saves the Dog Park 

Carter Hanebutt - The Adventures of Tacoman 

Dylan Herbst - Daycare for Heroes! 

Noah Johnson - Minecraft 

KeyAsia Jones - Pink the Dog 

Don’tay Longstreet - Football and My Family 

Levi Mitchell - The Pig Who Wanted a Name 

Noah Morris - Lonely Cat 

Linus Myers - The Snow Family 

Jonah O’Neal - Jonah and the Adventure to the Planets 

Jane Ozark - All about Wolves 

Olivia Scarborough - The Day Christmas Came! 

Mia Smith - The Tale of Two Girls and the Bear 

Jacob Stanton - The Transportation Museum 

Zack Thomas - Wizard’s First Valentine 

Isaiah Venner - Spiders, Spiders, Everywhere 














3rd Grade 

Kamryn Branscomb - A Turkey for Me 

Sabrina Coy - Mittens’ Adventure 

Wilemina Criveau - Alton’s History 

Minnie Gates - A Turkey for You and a Turkey for Me 

Quinn Halliday - The Dog With a Story 

Benjamin Hilgert - Fluffy and Shelly Go to School 

Alyssa Holder - The History of Alton 

Cathryn Holmes - A Trip to the Zoo 

Morgan Jones - Cupcake vs. Pizza 

Laila Kiger - The Beach Ball Craziness 

Wyatt McDonough - The Blight 

Grace Milford - The Unicorn Who Loved Rainbows 

Hailey Schnur - The Best Sleepover Ever 

Sebastian Schroeder - The Turtle Who Flew 

Lola Struif - Emma’s Adventures 

Elijah Wiseman - The Vending Machine 


4th Grade 

Jasmyne Commander - The Old Haunted School 

Jessica Gabriel - The Girl Who Had a Pet Unicorn 

Alphonz Hamilton - Dinosaurs 

Marlo Hanneken - Buttons Saves the Day 

Sophia Hanneken - The Bus Mystery 

Gabrielle Hughes - If You Could Count the Stars 

Anna Larson - A Christmas in Texas 

Daija Merrifield - Daija’s World 

Hailey Plummer - The Life of a Red Panda 

Greyson Pollard - Within the Soul 

Margaret Powers - Lola the Talking Monkey 


5th Grade 

Connor Bockholdt - Ten Skulls: The Ten Knights 

Madeline Cohill - The World of Wonder 

Noah Gallivan - The Zombie Apocalypse 

Kaleb Harshbarger - Jakob and the Button 

Nadja Kapetonovich- Purr 

Dane Marcrum - All About Alton 

Alana Steward - Sparkle Force 

Tommy Vatole - A Cat Town 



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