Brazilian Culture Mixture of African, Portuguese, American Indian, and many other tradition

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Brazilian Culture

  • Mixture of African, Portuguese, American Indian, and many other tradition

  • Music & Dance: Samba, Bossa Nova, Capoeira

  • Soccer (known as futebol): Brazil won the World Cup in 2004

  • Carnival

Largest country in Latin America

  • Largest country in Latin America

  • Only Portuguese-speaking country in America

  • Largest African population outside Africa

  • Much of Brazil is developed, but at least 22% of population still lives below poverty line

  • Many serious social problems


  • Favelas are shantytowns that surround every major city in Brazil

  • Many people have no electricity or running water

  • They are often right next to wealthy neighborhoods

Building Houses in the favela

  • Volunteers from the U.S., Japan, Jordan, Estonia, and Nicaragua worked together to construct new homes

The Finished Product

Street Kids

  • There are millions of children living on the streets in Brazil

  • They use drugs and prostitute themselves to survive

  • Many children choose to leave their troubled homes and families for the street

Glue Sniffing

  • Glue is cheap and accessible

  • It kills brain cells, creating a dizzy, euphoric effect

  • It dulls hunger pains

What’s the solution?

  • Social workers reach out to the kids through street education

  • Provide support and affection

  • Offer the children a safe and nurturing living space


  • Provides direct relief from poverty

  • Stimulates personal growth and development

  • Facilitates cross-cultural cooperation and understanding

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