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Vol. 79 

   Summer 2014  

   Canadohta Lake Union City, PA        First Published May 1, 1932






Breeze    Summer 




Articles & pictures of local interest or of local events may be submitted for publication in The Canadohta Lake Breeze.CLABA reserves the right to edit any article submitted for publication. Articles & pictures must be submitted 

to CLABA before March 15th of the publishing year. CLABA would like to acknowledge and thank the staff and management of The Area Shopper for their help in the preparation and printing of this year’s Canadohta Breeze.

Area Shopper - Printing

President’s Message

Welcome to beautiful Canadohta Lake. This is the busiest time of year for the Canadohta Lake Area Business Association (CLABA) and all the businesses 

are ready to help you enjoy the 2014 summer season. 

We have planned some new events this year and would like you to know about them.

Our 1st ever Yard Sale and Flea Market at Our Lady of Fatima Church is May 24th 8 am to 3 pm. CLABA is accepting donations of articles to sell to raise 

additional fireworks money. Anyone can buy a table site and sell their own items, so pass it on to your friends. It is an easy access location for a yard sale! 

Another new event for the lake is a Scavenger Hunt on July 26th starting at 11 am.  Registration will be at the Original PUTT-R-GOLF on Lake Rd. It 

should be a fun day searching all around Canadohta Lake for some unique finds and exploring our community.

One more new event for this year will be Canadohta “Wine by the Lake”. We are trying to arrange some wineries to come on September 13th 1-5 pm to the 

Frog Pond pavilions and for a nominal fee you will be able to purchase a wrist band and try out some local wines.  This is still in the early planning stages 

and more info will follow, as soon as things are finalized. Be sure to check our website or Facebook page for updates. 

WOW! Have you seen our new SIGN ! Thanks to Tom Wilson for letting CLABA keep our sign on his Car Wash & Laundromat property. A special thanks 

to Dan Lemmon, Bill Easterlin, Joe Ramsey, and Joe Kelly for installing it. Additionally, one more thanks to the Crawford County Convention & Visitors 

Bureau and Kevin Parsons for the design and finding a printer for an affordable purchase of the sign! We have needed it for quite some time and it sure is a 

welcoming sight for Canadohta Lake. 

Please check our website and “Like” our Facebook page Canadohta Lake Area Business Association for information and schedules for 

2014. We are an organization of volunteers and try to do our best to serve the lake community while operating our own businesses.

I would like to recognize our new slate of officers for 2014-2016. We are available to help answer any lake related questions you may have. 

Anita J Lemmon, President-Homeland Real Estate Services 814-392-4116

Billie Jo Easterlin, Vice President-Howard Hanna Real Estate 724-331-2341

Cynthia Ramsey, Treasurer-Humes Ford of Corry 412-215-3574

Tina Butler, Secretary-Butler’s Lake View Cottages 814-392-2614

Have fun, enjoy, and we hope to see you at the lake!

Anita J Lemmon

CLABA President



Breeze    Summer 




The Carefree Days of Summer

By Ellie Baranyai 

Luba Donnell

So many of us as chil-

dren were counting 

the days until school 

was out and we could 

go to the lake for more 

than just a weekend.  

We spent our days 

with  friends,  hanging 

out,  walking  around, 

swimming in the lake, 

or out in a boat.  Liv-

ing at the lake even if 

just  for  the  summer, 

gave us so much free-

dom.    I  spent  most 

of my time on the 

northeast side of the 

lake, but we would go 

where the mood took 

us. As children we 

would walk along the 

lake shore, looking for 

shells and neat stones. 

We visited with peo-

ple as we walked by 

their cottages; most 

everyone was friend-

ly and talked to or 

waved at us.  There 

was a map that used to 

hang in the township 

building that showed 

the walkway that went 

all the way around the 

lake. (I have one from 

the Crawford County 

Planning Commission 

1976)  We  were  told 

about the walkway by 

lake  residents,  but  no 

one seemed to know 

exactly  how  wide  it 

was, stories are it was 

between three (3) and 

twelve (12) feet wide.  

All the cottages had 

names back then, there 

is a map (one hangs at 

the Park) that has all 

the cottages around 

the lake on it listed by 

their cottage name.  

We had sandy beach 

access to lake in so 

many  places;  I  now 

wonder what hap-

pened to all the sandy 

shores that were there 

when  I  was  a  child.  

There were sandy 

beach access areas 

around the lake where 

you could take a quick 

dip to cool off (or be 

thrown in if you said 

you didn’t want to get 

wet.)    Elmwood  Park 

(The Free Beach) had 

benches  in  the  park, 

and bathrooms across 

the  road,  Marcresan 

(The Pay Beach) had 

a  life  guard,  diving 

platform with four 

diving boards, a slide, 

and bathrooms, Eisen-

trout’s had a big beach 

with a restaurant/

tavern (bathrooms) 

and an outside snack 

stand,  Ruggles  Park 

had a big sandy beach 

area,  Idlewild  Park 

was a decent size too.  

There were smaller 

beaches  at  Dingman’s 

(now  Higby’s),  and 

Weed’s Cottage Court 

(later  Clark’s)  there 

was a beach down by 

the canals at the North 

End  (now  called  the 

North Inlet), the South 

End (now called South 

Shore).  Many others 

small neighborhood 

beaches at the access 

points to the lake, like 

Circuit  Dr,  Lakeview 

Dr. that had a bench 

(always wondered why 

just one),  and Maple 

St.    I’m  sure  there 

were  many  more,  if 

anyone  recalls  them, 

please add them to 

the “Canadohta Lake 

History” page on 

FaceBook.    Elmwood 

Park was established 

by George Stager in 

1921,  Ruggles  Park 

opened in 1920, Kings 

Landing  in  1923  and 

Hawthorne Beach in 


Lake History

Canadohta Lake is one 

of eight lakes located 

in  Crawford  County.   

Washington Lake was 

the  first  name  given 

to  our  lake,  by  Colo-

nel  Crawford,  during 

the Revolutionary 

War (our county is 

his namesake “Craw-

ford”).  He named the 

lake after his friend 

George Washington. 

The name was later 

changed in the 1860’s 

to Oil Creek Lake.  In 

1894  the  Canadohta 

Club changed the 

name to Canadohta 

Lake after Chief Can-

adaughta of the Corn-

planter  Indians,  Tribe 

of the Six Nations.  It 

is rumored he is bur-

ied at the lake by the 

South Shore.

T.B.  Kennedy  pur-

chased 203 acres of 

land surrounding the 

lake from the govern-

ment and leased it to 

the Philadelphia Oil 

Co in 1865.  They 

drilled to depths of 

1000 feet but produced 

no trace of oil.  

The Titusville and 

Union City Railroads 

started operating here 

in  1860.  In  the  win-

ter they would cut ice 

from the lake and take 

it back to Titusville.  In 

1882-1883 an amuse-

ment park was built 

on the South shore of 

the lake by Ben Emer-

son and Pat Coleman 

of Union City.  The 

park included a ho-

tel,  shooting  gallery, 

dance  hall,  bowling 

alley, billiard hall, and 

a steamboat for lake 

excursions.  The Boats 

the “Gem” the “Pearl” 

were both destroyed 

by boiler explosions or 

fire.  The huge sweep 

oars used to steer the 

Gem in shallow waters 

were on display in the 

Canadohta Lake Park 

Beach  House.    Not 

sure when the cur-

rent owners took over 

and made it the Frog 

Pond what happened 

to them.  Maybe the 

previous owners took 

them and all the other 

memorabilia, or possi-

bly they were eventu-

ally sold or stored.

Kennedy later sold all 

his property around 

the lake and the ho-

tel; it was purchased 

by 40 oil men from 

Titusville who formed 

the Canadohta Club in 

1900.    An  annex  was 

added by the hotel, rid-

ing stables were built, 

and a golf course was 

laid out across the area 

where the roller rink 

now stands.  The Col-

lins Dance Hall fea-

tured celebrities such 

as:  Guy  Lambardo, 

Rudy  Vallee,  Ozzie 

Nelson  and  others 

back in the 1930’s.  It 

is now the Canadohta 

Roller Rink.

A small tract of land 

on the eastern shore 

was owned by Orin 

Taylor and sold to Ben 

Ruggles.  Ben con-

tinued to use the lake 

for  fishing  and  boat-

ing;  he  was  arrested, 

convicted  and  fined 

for trespassing.  Ben 

Ruggles appealed the 

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Breeze    Summer 




Have you seen our new SIGN at Lake Rd and Circuit Drive? 

Thanks to Tom Wilson for letting CLABA keep our sign on his Car 

Wash & Laundromat property. A special thanks to Dan Lemmon, 

Bill Easterlin, Joe Kelly, and Joe Ramsey for installing it. 

Additionally, one more thanks to the Crawford County Convention 

& Visitors Bureau and Kevin Parsons for the design and finding a 

printer for an affordable purchase of the sign! We have needed it 

for quite some time and it sure is a welcoming sight for Canadohta 




Our annual Independence Day weekend celebration includes a Boat 

Parade around the lake on Saturday July 5th starting at 2:00 pm by 

the Frog Pond area of the lake.  This year’s theme is “Patriotic” for 

the 4th of July celebrations.  So get out your red, white, and blue 

and dress up your boats. The Judges will be awarding prizes to the 

Best Decorated Boats in Parade! 



Breeze    Summer 






Breeze    Summer 





Craft Show & Women’s Fair

Our ever popular Arts & Craft show returns to the 

Frog Pond Pavilions Saturday August 9th from 

10:00-4:00. This year’s event features returning 

and new crafters so stop down for a day of shop-

ping and visiting your friends and neighbors at this 

yearly event. Applications are available by email-

ing us at or check our 


Cruise In

Cruise In at the Lake 

The annual Cruise In by the Lake is scheduled for 

Saturday, August 9th from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 

p.m. (Rain or Shine) Erie’s DJ Bill Mason will 

be playing the familiar oldies but goodies. Spend 

the afternoon at the Canadohta Lake Roller Rink 

enjoying the vintage autos, trucks and motorcycles. 

Stop at the Chinese Auction or try your luck at the 

50-50 drawing. Bring some chairs and enjoy the 

music and the classic vehicles. Please call Tina 

Butler (814) 739-9327 for more information.

Street Dance

Our annual Street Dance will be held at Happi Jax 

on Lake Road from 7:00-10:00 pm. This event 

grows every year and is great to bring the whole 

family to for a night of fun, dancing and listening 

to your favorite songs played by our DJ for the 


Mark Your Calendar

Cruise In at the Lake 2014

Saturday August 9th

The Cruise In date is moving to the second Satur-

day in August this year.   The 7th annual Cruise In 

by the Lake is scheduled for Saturday, August 9th 

from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Rain or Shine) Erie’s 

DJ Bill Mason will be playing the familiar oldies 

but goodies as he does each Saturday at Lake Erie 

Speedway and the weekly Erie Bayfront car cruises. 

Spend the afternoon at the Canadohta Lake Roller 

Rink enjoying the vintage autos, trucks and motor-

cycles. Stop at the Chinese Auction or try your luck 

at the 50-50 drawing. The vehicle donation is $3.00 

and  includes  a  commemorative  magnet  to  the  first 

100 vehicles. Bring some chairs and enjoy the music 

and the classic vehicles. The cruise in benefits the 

annual fireworks at the lake. Donations to the Chi-

nese Auction are welcomed. Please call Tina Butler 

(814) 739-9327 for information or donation pick up.



Breeze    Summer 




Bicycling Safety at the Lake

Even while on vacation and 

enjoying your bike rides 

at the lake there are still 

rules of the road to obey. 

So here are some basics to 

review and share with your 

family and friends.

Every bicyclist is responsi-

ble for his or her personal 

safety and welfare while 

remaining alert and mind-

ful of the conditions of the 

roads or trails.

• Always wear a helmet: 

Pennsylvania law requires 

all cyclists under age 12 to 

wear an approved bicycle 


•  Obey  traffic  laws:  Un-

der Pennsylvania law you 

are a considered a vehicle 

when you ride a bike. Ride 

on the right side of the 

road. Obey stop signs and 

red lights and never ride 

against the flow of traffic.

• Be predictable: Ride in a 

straight  line,  with  at  least 

one hand on the handle-

bars. Check to be sure your 

path is clear and change di-

rections without swerving. 

Use hand signals to indi-

cate when you are turning.

• Make yourself visi-

ble: Wear bright cycling 

clothes.  Put  reflectors  on 

your wheels and on the 

front and rear of your 

bike. At night use a head-

light and an active red light 

and reflector on the rear of 

your bike.

Pennsylvania Bicycling 


In Pennsylvania, a bicycle 

is  considered  a  vehicle, 

and you must obey all of 

the laws that apply to oth-

er vehicles. There is also 

a set of rules that apply 

specifically  to  bicycles.  If 

you ride in violation of the 

traffic laws, you greatly in-

crease your risk of a crash, 

and will likely be found at 

fault in the event of an ac-



• You cannot have more 

people on the bike than the 

bike is designed to carry 

but an adult can transport a 

child in a secure child car-

rier or trailer.

• You can ride a bicycle ei-

ther on the shoulder or the 

roadway  itself,  depending 

on traffic speed, condition 

of the road and other safety 


• Like all road users, slow-

er vehicles should keep to 

the right. Bicyclists may 

ride in the left lane of a 

one-way street that has 

multiple  lanes.  However, 

this does not apply to free-


• You cannot carry any 

packages or other items 

that prevent you from 

keeping at least one hand 

on the handlebars.


• If you use your bike be-

tween  sunset  and  sunrise, 

it must be equipped with 

a front lamp, rear and side 

reflectors  that  are  visible 

from at least 500 feet. This 

is both to help other mo-

torists see you and also to 

illuminate your path. 

• Your bike must be 

equipped with brakes that 

will stop the bike 15 feet 

from an initial speed of 15 

mph  on  dry,  level  pave-



• Anyone under the age 

of 12 must wear a helmet 

when riding a bicycle. This 

applies to anyone operat-

ing  the  bicycle,  riding  as 

a passenger or riding in an 

attached restraining seat or 

trailer. The Pennsylvania 

Department of Transporta-

tion strongly recommends 

that all bicyclists wear hel-

mets whenever they ride. .

Hand and Arm Signals

• To signal a left turn, ex-

tend the left hand and arm 


•  To  signal  a  right  turn, 

extend  the  right  hand  and 

arm horizontally, or extend 

your left hand and arm up-


• To signal a stop or de-

crease in speed, extend the 

left hand and arm down-


Post 6773 John Krol Post - Union City, PA

Through the generosity of 

a  donation  by  the  VFW 

Post  6773  the  Canadohta 

Lake Fireworks Fund re-

ceived  a  $1,000  donation 

to enhance the program for 

our Union City/Canadohta 

Community  fireworks  dis-

play on July 5th 2014. 

The  fireworks  program 

depends on donations and 

fund raisers to continue 

this yearly event. We also 

deeply thank and appreci-

ate John Stranahan for pro-

viding his property every 

year for the home base for 

this wonderful pyrotech-

nic  display  by  R&R  Fire-


(This article by Carl 

Blakeslee appeared in the 

October 19, 1972, issue of 

the Union City Times)

John Krol Post

Named in 1945

By Carl Blakeslee

Service Commander

John Krol Post 6773

The  V.F.W.  was  started 

immediately after the Span-

ish  American  War,  which 

was in 1898. At first, there 

were three different or-

ganizations  formed,  men 

who fought in Cuba, Puer-

to Rico, and the Philippine 


After a short time the three 

organizations  were  con-

solidated into one organi-

zation  and  became  known 

as the Veterans of Foreign 

Wars of the United States. 

Post I was formed in Den-

ver, Colorado.

Soon  after  this  formation, 

a department was orga-

nized  in  Pennsylvania. 

Robert Woodside was the 

first department command-

er of Pennsylvania. Their 

membership was quite lim-

ited  until  after  WWI  and 

then many new posts were 


But still the membership 

was  not  so  extensive  but 

what the annual conven-

tion could be held in such 

places  as  Erie,  Scranton, 

Pittsburgh and many other 

towns of this size.

After  WWII,  the  VFW 

gained its greatest strength 

– many new posts were 

activated. Raymond Cal-

fisch and his brother, with 

the aid of Alfred Chesley, 

Robert Jones and others 

secured enough names on 

a charter being 55 in all. 

These early meetings were 

held upstairs over the Ritz 


It  was  difficult  to  pick  a 

name  for  the  post,  which 

was traditionally named 

for the first hometown man 

killed in action in the most 

recent war. There was an 

uncertainty of death dates. 

Reed Liley was undoubt-

edly the first death because 

he died onboard ship on 

December  7,  1941,  but 

was not confirmed until six 

months after the close of 

the war.

On  July  12,  1944,  many 

boys from Union City were 

killed in the St. Lo, France, 

drive. Maxwell Hites, Alex 

Gvatasky,  Donald  Lord, 

David  Smith,  all  of  Com-

pany  A,  112thInfantry, 

and John Krol and Russell 

Davis. All of these names 

were all placed in a hat 

and the name of John Krol 

was drawn, thus giving the 

name to the newly activat-

ed post, which was March 

22, 1946, Post 6773.

Chester  Zerbe,  who  was 

State Commander at this 

time, installed the new of-

ficers: Robert Toner, Com-

mander;  Alfred  Chesley, 

Senior  Vice  Commander; 

and  Raymond  Caflisch, 

Junior  Vice  Commander. 

These men became com-

manders in turn.

Now  it  was  important 

that they have large club 

rooms, and a place for en-

tertainment. They bought 

the bowling alleys which 

were located on the sec-

ond  floor  of  the  Clayton 

Block. This building was 

owned by Ralph Mineo. 

The  VFW  also  rented  the 

third  floor  and  proceeded 

to sell the bowling alleys 

and to consolidate their 

activities to the second and 

third floors.

In  April,  1960,  when  it 

was found that the property 

at 23 East High Street was 

for  sale,  the  lot  was  pur-

chased and a home built by 

VFW members.



Breeze    Summer 






Breeze    Summer 




case and the famous 

ruling by Judge Prath-

er was handed down: 

“Canadohta Lake is a 

navigable body of wa-

ter therefore it is held 

in trust for the people 

of the Commonwealth 

and cannot be closed.” 

The lawsuit opened 

the lake back up to the 

public, and denied the 

Canadohta Club pri-

vate use of the lake.  

The Canadohta Club 

was dissolved in 1911.  

C.N. Payne a member 

held the mortgage on 

the property and pur-

chased it for $10,000.   

The hotel was trans-

ferred through differ-

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