Business culture

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Business culture
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“Business culture"
Business culture is a system of universal and specific ethical requirements and norms of behavior that are implemented in professional activities. These include:
• Ethical assessment of the organization's domestic and foreign policies;
• Ethical principles of the members of the organization;
• Spiritual environment in the organization;
• Norms business ethics.
Every company has a certain universally recognized system of ethical procedures (norms, values, knowledge) that is mandatory for all participants. entrepreneurial activity ... The core of corporate ethics is formed by the founders of the organization and is directly related to their life experience and worldview. A leader’s prestige and prestige, the effectiveness of his work, is perceived as something given by his subordinates, and they begin to imitate him to one degree or another. Anyone who decides to become an entrepreneur, that is, to open his own business, to enter the world of business, is already an extraordinary person for this. And the qualities of this individual begin to be realized, predicted to the business organization he is creating. Corporate moral values ​​are formed in human relationships.
The ethics of the national economy is formed as a result of the joint efforts of the state, business circles, trade unions, civil society and the church.
Culture is the sum of people’s productive, social and spiritual needs or a high level of something, high development, skill. There are many more definitions, but they are in fact culture - a concept that to some extent unites the various aspects of life, activities, behavior of people, their associations, society as a whole. historical stage of its development.
Any culture, including entrepreneurial culture, involves two main aspects: values ​​and procedures. Values ​​are moral ideals, qualities that are the highest ethical categories. A procedure is an officially recorded and unwritten code of conduct based on certain values.
Currently, the terms "enterprise culture", "enterprise (firm) culture", "economic culture", "corporate culture", "organizational culture" are used. All of these are the same concepts and are understood as the spiritual life of the people in the business environment, in the organization, their ideological moral condition, their feelings, their thinking and their actions.
Economic culture, as if the projection of the economy into the cultural sphere; the opposite is also true, according to which it is a projection of culture into the sphere of economics. In other words, the cultural component of economic activity (economic culture) is an integral part of this activity itself, is a necessary condition of it and is able to actively influence it, strengthen or slow down the development of the economy. According to the relationship, the cultural environment of economic activity is divided into external and internal.
The external cultural environment is an integral part of the macro-environment, which influences the behavior of economic entities.
The internal cultural environment refers to the micro-environment of the business entity and is related to both the firm itself and the partners with whom it interacts.
An entrepreneur must follow the rules of conduct established in all civilized countries. The culture of entrepreneurial activity is a set of advanced human material and spiritual achievements in the management of production processes and economic relations between people. ... The economic activity of the entrepreneur, the firm must be carried out in accordance with the moral, spiritual criteria of the behavior of the cultural environment. Moral and ethical standards must always take precedence over economic interests.
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