Buxoro shahar 23-son umumta’lim maktabi ingliz tili fani amaliyotchi o’qituvchisi Qurbonova Yulduzning

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Buxoro shahar

23-son umumta’lim maktabi ingliz

tili fani amaliyotchi o’qituvchisi

Qurbonova Yulduzning

8-“B” sinf o’quvchilari bilan

After I’d watched TV…”

mavzusida o’tkazgan bir

soatlik namunali dars


Date: 9. 10. 19

Unit 3. RADIO and TV

Lesson 2 After I’d watched TV…

The aims of the lesson:


  • to talk and write about two actions in the past where one happened before the other using the Past Perfect (affirmation and negative) and the Simple Past;


  • to practise reading/listening for gist;

  • to practise inferring the meaning of a new structure from the context;


  • to practise translating a short text from English into mother tongue.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able

  • to talk about two actions happened in the past where one happened before the other using the Past Perfect;

  • to listen to the texts for gist.

Vocabulary and structure:



go to bed


do homework

go for a walk






get ill

The type of the lesson:

Developing and consolidation PPs’ knowledge, skills and experience

The method of the lesson:

Finding the words , interview

The form of the lesson: working in pairs/ in groups/ individually

Required equipment:

Textbook; the DVD of the book, cards, markers, computer, speakers.


  1. Organizing moment:

    1. Greeting

T: Good morning dear pupils!

PP: Good morning!

T: How are you today?

PP: We are great!

T: Ok, are you ready for the lesson?

PP: Yes, we are.

T: Who is the duty today?

A Pupil: I am.

T: What is the weather like today?

A Pupil: It is cool.

T: What is the day and date today?

A Pupil: It is 9th of October, Wednesday.

    1. Checking attendance

T: Who is on duty on today?

P: I am on duty today.

T: Who is absent?

P: All are present/ ....is absent


    1. Asking homework

Activity 1. Interview five pupils from Class 9. Use the questions you prepared in class. When you finish your interview, count up the answers. Draw a graph and write a report like the one in Activity 5.

(before beginning the main part of the lesson divide the pupils into groups of four according to the types of TV shows, such as “Cartoon”, “Soap Opera”, “Adventure Film”, “Documentary”. Tell them they will be awarded at the end of the lesson on the basic of their participation)

    1. Checking pupils knowledge to know whether they have learnt vocabulary or not.

Invite three or four pupils to the blackboard. Show the pupils cards written words at the back side. Explain them to pick up the told word as soon as possible.

    1. Warm-up activity: Brainstorming

      1. What did you do yesterday?

      2. What kind of activities you have done?

      3. Did you do them at the same time?


Activity 1a. Read, listen and say what the conversation is about. 7 min

  • to practice reading and listening for gist.

Pupils read, listen to the conversation and say what it is about.

Activity 1b. Answer the question. 5 min

  • to practice inferring the Past Perfect from the context.

Tell pupils that they are going to learn a new grammar structure. Tell them that questions 2-5 will help them to make the rules themselves. If it is difficult for pupils to answer the questions in English, they can do it in their mother tongue.

Activity 2a. Chain Drill.

Objectives: to practice the new structure. This is a normal Chain drill activity.

e.g. Yesterday after I’d helped my father, I watched TV. What about you?

I did my homework when I had washed the dishes.


Activity 3. Talk about what you did on Sunday. 5 min

Objectives: to give further practice in using the Past Perfect.

Pupils make up sentence using the table. Draw pupils attention to the remember box.

e.g. When I had done my homework, I played computer games.

After they had read The newspaper, they went for a walk.

Activity 4. Talk about what you did on Sunday. 3 min

Objectives: to give less controlled practice in using the Past Perfect.

Pupils ask and answer questions following the given example.

e.g. What did you do on Sunday?

I went to the market with my father. After we’d bought some things, we had a cup of tea in a choykhona.

Activity 5a. Read, listen and choose the best summary. Then translate the text.

Objective: to practice reading/listening for gist.

Pupils read, listen to the text and choose the best summary. Then they translate the text into mother tongue.

Key: b


Dear pupils! Thank you for your active participation. Your marks...


Ex 2. on page 29. Put the verbs in the right form.

      1. After he has written a letter he sent it to his parents.

      2. After she has finished her exams she went to Paris.

      3. After they have done some housework they had a rest.

      4. When I have opened the window the cats jumped out.

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