Cafes, restaurants and pubs in the Macedon Ranges

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Cafes and restoraunts
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Cafes, restaurants and pubs in the Macedon Ranges

The Macedon Ranges’ reputation for quality food grows every year, fueled by the abundance of our fresh, seasonal regional produce, the creativity of a new breed of chefs, and the entrepreneurial flair of restaurant owners.

Kyneton has a deserved reputation for being a significant foodie destination and is supported by The Age Good Food Guide 2019, which recognised Source Dining (formerly Annie Smithers Bistrot) and Midnight Starling with a celebrated Chefs hat award.

Colenso and the Parkland Kyneton are also names to add to your must-eat list. Then there are the cafes and provedores, such as Town Roasters, Monsieur Pierre, Emelia’s Sauces, Piper Street Food Co. and Home Grown on Piper.

 Restaurants, local cafes, funky bars, gourmet burger joints and bakeries are located throughout the Macedon Ranges.

In New Gisborne, the Baringo Food & Wine Co is a destination in itself, with its provedore, bistro, wine bar and banquet room.

Woodend’s The Milko is a great spot for coffee and Kuzu Izakaya is an excellent Japanese restaurant that people flock from all over the state to experience.

In nearby Macedon, Mr. Macedon and the The Wine Collective are all good choices for a delicious meal. High on the Mount, the Mount Macedon Trading Post Cafe and Mount Macedon Hotel are favourites for locals and visitors alike.

Travelling through Gisborne, Riddells Creek, Romsey and Lancefield, you will find fantastic restaurants and cafes including Evans Wine & Cheese Bar, Flying Pigeon, Jed,, 3 Little Pigs, Spices & Pestle and Vic’s @ Seasons, Soltan Pepper , Verdure and Cleveland Winery.

There is even a fully licensed restaurant at Hanging Rock, aptly named Hanging Rock Cafe.

For fans of good pies and country bakeries you are spoilt for choice. Bourkies Bakehouse in Woodend is always a winner as is the popular Malmsbury Bakery. Crowds also flock to Country Cob bakery in Kyneton, winner of Australia’s Best Pies from 2018 to 2020.

Get inspired for a country pie road trip with these ideas for the perfect pastry.

The Macedon Ranges is also home to a burgeoning pub scene where the warmth of the welcome is second to none. Holgates Brewery and The Victoria Hotel in Woodend are pubs worth checking out, as is The Albion Hotel and The Royal George Hotel in Kyneton. Put this together with some clever cooks, a dedication to local produce and a great range of wines, beers and ciders and you’ve got a truly winning combination.
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