Camp Type: Traditional Campers: Boys & Girls Camp Town

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Hiring In: Prague, Krakow & Budapest

Camp Type: Traditional

Campers:  Boys & Girls

Camp Town:  Casco

Camp State:  Maine

Housing: Cabin



Support Staff Arrival / Departure: 12 Jun to 21 Aug

Description: Camp Laurel South prides itself on a professional, family atmosphere and lifelong friendships 

made each summer. Our staff is made up of collegians and professionals who have a desire to 

make a positive difference in childrenäó»s lives.

Minimum Hiring Age:  19

Hiring:  Male & Female

Hiring  For These  

Support Staff Skill Areas: 


Housekeeper, General Cleaner

General Maintenance: 

Building Repairs, Handyman, Mowing Lawns, Painting


Dishwashing, Food Server, Kitchen Assistant/Food Prep

Laurel South

Download 76.46 Kb.

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