Card #1 Date Group: Name

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Card 1 Intermidiate assessment december 2018
Etika, Estetika, Mantiq., Pechatga, Betlik, Reja Falsafa atamasining kelib chiqishi. Falsafa shakllanishini-1, Reja Falsafa atamasining kelib chiqishi. Falsafa shakllanishini-1, Reja Falsafa atamasining kelib chiqishi. Falsafa shakllanishini-1, Reja Falsafa atamasining kelib chiqishi. Falsafa shakllanishini-1, DIQQAT, DIQQAT, 2 umk, mustaqil ish, Men va pul, tayanch- harakatlanish azolari sistemasining yoshga oid xususiyatlari va uni oqitilish metodikasi, zachot copy, zachot copy

Card #1 Date_______________ Group: __________________
Name: __________________________________________________

Task 1: Fill in the gap

1. Hi, my name_is Natasha

2. Pleased to meet_ you. I’m Khalid
3. Good morning. What is__ your name?
4. My name’s Philip. Nice__ to meet you.
5. Ingrid, these are__ Ahmed, Linda, Mohammed and Mansoor.
6. Nice to meet you, Ali__.

Task 2: Choose the best answer
7. Do you know …. Glenda’s ….?
a. where / from b. who / at c. which / with d. when / on
8. I create ….and….and I set firewalls.
a. computers / printers c. usernames / passwords
b. networks / computers d. systems / networks
9. When do you …. ….?
a. come / go / the computer c. start / work d. see / work
10. Do you give ….after the …..?
a. hobbies / basketball c. lessons / before
b. certificates / training d. memories / computer
11. Thank you ….for your … .
a. need / work b. play / computer c. lots of / fun d. very much / help
12. I’m …. Kuwait. I ….for Microsoft there.
a. from / work b. on / stay c. at / wait d. in / ring
13. She …..for IBM. Her … to set up new systems.
a. working / business c. works / trade
b. is working / state d. works / job
14. I don’t ….this…. .
a. buy / acronym c. understand / acronym
b. switch / house d. draw / me
15. I need ….with access to the company …. .
a. a computer / printer c. help / network
b. buy / scanner d. see / networking
16. The new monitor was …..than the old ….. .
a. bigger / monitor c. big / keyboard
b. difficult / mouse d. the most /printer
17. What is the job of network administrator … ?

  1. Create and develop software c. Create and delete computer

  2. Create users, plan d. Create usernames, passwords and set firewalls

18. He designs and develops programs, computer games. He is … .

  1. software analyst c. software developer

  2. software maintenance office d. software support officer

19. He is IT support officer. His job is to … .

  1. switch off the computer go home

  2. provide continuous work of computers

  3. Maintain the computers and take them away

  4. d. switch and start work

20. Her … is to plan and design the network. She is … .

  1. hobby/ system analyst c. job/ network administrator

  2. job/network architect d. wish/ network architect

Task 3: Match 1–5 to a–e to make words or phrases.
21. d meta a profile
22. c well- b optimisation
23. e visitor c designed
24. a user d tag
25. b page e map

Task 4: Complete this text with the correct form of be or have.
26. There ___is_ a lot of information on the first site.
27. But there __are___ many photos.
28. And there ___is___ a site map.
29. The second site ___has___ a lot of features.
30. Both sites ____have___ useful information.
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