Change the verb into the correct form: I (not ride) horses. I don't ride horses

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Change the verb into the correct form:

1. I (not ride) horses. - I don't ride horses

2. You (not sell) cars. - You don't sell cars

3. He (not bring) gifts. - He doesn't bring gifts

4. She (not take) pictures. - She doesn't take pictures

5. It (not cost) so much. - It doesn't cost so much

6. We (not seem) so happy. - We don't seem so happy

7. They (not buy) new products. - They don't buy new products

8. Michael (not dance). - Michael doesn't dance

9. Michel (not run) fast. - Michel doesn't run fast

10. Tim and Kate (not work) every day. - Tim and Kate don't work every day.

11. Lucas and Clara (not eat) meat. - Lucas and Clara don't eat meat.

12. I (not swim) much. - I don't swim much.

13. You (not ski) at all. - You don't ski at all

14. It (not hurt). - It doesn't hurt.

15. We (not give up). - We don't give up.

Начало формы

Change the verb into the correct form:

1. (I wake up) at five in the morning? - Do I wake up at five in the morning?

2. (you go) to work by train? - Do you go to work by train?

3. (she drink) coffee every morning? - Does she drink coffee every morning?

4 (he smoke)? - Does he smoke?

5. (it hurt)? - Does it hurt?

6. (we dance)? - Do we dance?

7. (they travel)? - Do they travel?

8 (Emma cook) well? - Does Emma cook well?

9. (Alexander exercise) regularly? - Does Alexander exercise regularly?

10 (I look) well? - Do I look well?

11 (you rest) enough? - Do you rest enough?

12. (William work) too hard? - Does William work to hard?

13. (they travel) often? - Do they travel often?

14. (Anthony go) to sleep too late? - Does Anthony go to sleep to late?

15. (you bake) cakes? - Do you bake cakes?

Конец формы

Начало формы

Change the verb into the correct form:

1. Christopher (drive) a bus. - Christopher drives a bus.

2. We (have) some money. - We have some money

3. (you watch) movies? - Do you watch movies?

4. They (not work) for us. - They don't work for us.

5. I (love) to dance. - I love to dance.

6. She (have) many friends. - She has many friends

7. Alexis and her husband always (come) for the summer. - Alexis and her husband always come for the summer.

8. (he draw) well? - Does he draw well?

9. James (not remember) me. - James doesn't remember me.

10. Laura (be) a beautiful girl. - Laura is a beautiful girl.

11. I don't eat (not eat) cheese. - I don't eat cheese.

12. Cats (like) to sleep. - Cats like to sleep.

13. You (be) a smart boy. - You are a smart boy.

14. She (wash) the dishes every evening. - She washes the dishes every evening.

15. (you be) ready? - Are you ready?

16. I (be) ready. - I am ready


Choose the right form of the verb

1.My friend….. this engineer here



C)is meeting

D)were meeting

2.His sister always… me books to read

A)is given



D)was given

Chose the necessary preposition

3. We live …. Moscow





4. I usually go…. the office…. the morning

A)into, at

B)to, in

C)from, of

D)at, before

Choose the necessary article

5The usually have classes in…. morning





6. They do…. Exercises at… home

A)the, a

B)a, the

C)an, …

D)…, …

Choose the right synonym to do

7. a) have done

b) to make

c) is doing

d)to be done

. Choose the right antonym together

8. a) all

b) everybody

c) alone

d) we are

Choose the special question

9. What do you read every morning

A)I was reading ….

B)Every morning you read….

C)I read a book a newspaper articles…..

D)He has written.

VII. Choose the General question.

10. Do you often meet your friends?

A)Yes I do

B)I am meeting….

C)He has met……

D)No, I don’t often.

Choose the right form of the verb

11. My friend…. English

a) to read

b) have spoken

c) learns

d) to write

12. They …. A dictation at that moment

a) to read

b) are having

c) is writing

d) wrote

. Find the right form of a personal pronoun

13… lives in Moscow

a) they are

b) I am

c) she

d) you had

Choose the necessary preposition

14. We often go… the blackboard… classes

a) into, on

b) before, at

c) to, at

d) after, of

15. Please translate this text…. Russian in English.

a) in front of

b) from, into

c) with, of

d) after, that

1.C 6.D 11.C

2.C 7.B 12.B

3.C 8.C 13.C

4.B 9.C 14.C

5.A 10.A 15.B
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