Chapter 4 Section 3 The Persian Empire

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Chapter 4 Section 3

The Rise of Persia

  • Assyrians used force to control

  • Persians used tolerance and diplomacy

  • Iran

The Persian Homeland

  • Dozens of kingdoms

  • Two major powers emerged: Medes and Persians

  • King Cyrus

  • lead the Persians

  • to overthrow the

  • Medes (550 b.c.)

Cyrus the Great Founds an Empire

  • Military genius

  • Honored local customs and religions

  • Allowed Jews to return to Jerusalem

    • Jews rebuilt their city and temple

Persian Rule

Cambyses and Darius

  • Cambyses takes over Egypt.

    • Was he like Cyrus to the Egyptian people?
  • Destroyed Egyptian culture and religious idols.

Cambyses and Darius Continued

  • 522 B.C, with the help of the Ten Thousand Immortals, Darius seizes control

  • He brought peace to the empire then focused on extending the empire


Provinces and Satraps (Ways rule was kept)

  • Darius split expanding empire into 20 provinces

  • Allowed people to keep their cultural traditions in place

Provinces and Satraps Continued

  • A satrap, governor, who kept local rule; a military leader and tax collector were appointed to each province

  • System of roads were put in place; allowed for quicker communication

  • Coins were used to promote trade

The Royal Road

The Persian Legacy

  • Zoroastrism

Zoroaster’s Teachings

  • Earth is a battleground where everyone must partake in the fight with good and evil.

  • Ahura Mazda is the one god

  • Judges how one fights for the battle of good

  • 600’s religion declined

Political Order

  • Persian tolerance and good government brought political rest to Southwest Asia.

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