Château Juliénas Vineyards situation

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100% Gamay grapes


Château Juliénas

Vineyards situation

The Beaujolais vineyard is situated in the Southern part of the Burgundy region.

Juliénas is one of the 10 ‘Crus' of the Beaujolais. 

The production area of Juliénas is very small, less than 600 ha.


The soil in Beaujolais is predominantly granitic. It is here that the Gamay grape

produces its finest wines.

Juliénas Château de Juliénas is a 30 ha Domaine in the middle of the village of


The vineyard is facing east, at an altitude of 230-300 metres.

Louis Jadot has the exclusivity of the vinification and distribution of the wines

of this Domaine.

Wine making

This wine is vinified in open and closed vats with pumping of the cap. It is then

aged in oak barrels for 6-8 months before bottling.

Winemaker's comments / Gastronomy

Juliénas Château de Juliénas is very rich and fine with raspberry, clove and

peach aromas. It is rich and powerful, yet very tender on the palate.

Ideal for an aperitif or with seafood and ‘charcuterie'.

It can be served slightly chilled and will perfectly go with red meat as well as



This wine can be enjoyed when young but can age up to 4-6 years in good

conditions of temperature and humidity.

MAISON LOUIS JADOT � Tel. 33 (3) 80 22 10 57 � Fax : 33 (0) 3 80 22 56 03 �

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