Cis countries activities in preparation for rrc-04/05 rrc 04/05 preparation activities in cis countries

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CIS countries activities in preparation for RRC-04/05

RRC 04/05 preparation activities in CIS countries

  • Regional DVB-T planning in channels 61-69 (multilateral agreement “Nida-2002”)
  • Preparation of existing and planned broadcasting stations data for extended planning area
  • DVB-T planning criteria investigations and test trials

In CIS countries RRC 04/05 preparation activity leaded by Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications (RCC)

  • Main RCC function:
  • to improve cooperation between Member States in field of broadcasting and communication services implementation

Regional DVB-T planning in TV channels 61–69

  • Main Principles: - Allotment areas 100 km x 100 km (approximate average size). Coordinates of the allotment border points were presented by administrations. - Procedure for conversion of allotments into assignments for television broadcasting services developed basing on the principles of Chester-97 Agreement. - Single coverage.
  • Participating administrations:
  • Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey and Ukraine

Preparation of broadcasting assignments data

  • Areas of CIS countries to east from 40o of eastern latitude not covered by multilateral agreements. This means that no frequency assignment plan for these areas exists and concluded under the ITU auspices.
  • Circular letter ITU-R CR/196
  • Multiaddress letter 01(DIR) O.1547/03 to the Administrations of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
  • Master Register
  • Coordinated assignments
  • List of existing stations
  • Proposed procedure

DVB-T implementation: Ukraine

  • Ukraine:
  • Kyiv, 51channel, 1 kVt. More then 1 year of continued broadcasting between adjacent analogue channels.
  • CIS countries, develops trial/commercial DVB-T projects: Russia, Ukraine

DVB-T on air in Russia

  • Vladivostok
  • Nizhni Novgorod
  • Kaliningrad
  • Moscow
  • 1000 Vt, 500 Vt
  • Commercial, trial
  • St-Petersburg
  • 1000 Vt
  • Commercial
  • Nizhni Novgorod
  • 1000 Vt
  • Trial
  • Vladivostok
  • 1000 Vt
  • Trial

St-Petersburg DVB-T coverage

  • Channel 34, fixed reception (95%), taking into account interference

St-Petersburg measurements campaign

  • -3 different propagation paths measured
  • Results show non-linear relation between BER and useful signal field strength differs depending on type of propagation path
  • Additional studies needed

Moscow – two transmitters on air

  • 32 channel (1 kVt) – investigation of portable/mobile reception (now in commercial phase)
  • 34 channel (500 Vt) – investigation of fixed reception in complex interference environment
  • Ostankino tower (32 channel)
  • D. Bednogo str. (34 channel)
  • Moscow

Moscow - Broadcasting for mobile reception

  • Commercial conception: new service – the high-quality reception of TV programs in moving cars

Moscow - Broadcasting for mobile reception

  • Mobile coverage over the city and neighborhoods reached by using one DVB-T transmitter
  • receiving antenna

Mobile reception implementation

  • Analogue TV

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