Committee: The United Nations World Tourism Organization Country : Turkey Topic

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Committee: The United Nations World Tourism Organization
Country : Turkey
Topic: International cooperation in recovering the tourism
industry in the post-COVID-19 world and promoting the tourism
industry from being means of human and drug trafficking.

Good morning, honourable delegates and DAIS members of The United Nations World Tourism Organization. Before starting our speech, we would like to express our gratitude from delegates of Turkey. It is incontestable fact that the whole part of world suffered from COVID-19 in each field, such as, policy, economy, tourism industry. As well as, Turkey's tourism industry lost billions in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic. The current pandemic (Covid-19) disrupted businesses and challenged societies all over the world. In particular, destinations are being urged to keep the attraction and value of their products and services in post-pandemic tourism recovery programs. Results of the research show that while crisis management led to the closure of the sector due to strict social and travel restrictions, the confinement measures adopted by the government and the progressive reopening of the country has resulted in a shift from “cruise tourism” into a gradual return of “domestic tourism”. This paper argues that local peoples’ perspectives must be kept in mind when developing a tourism recovery strategy. This case study also shows that because of the nature of changing working environment, there is potential to change local demography in the form of an increase in residents putting pressure on local infrastructure. In a rural and marine environment, local stakeholders’ attention is required to focus on “quality” of tourism rather than “quantity”. Nature-based resources and outdoor activities are expected to be the critical ingredients for tourism’s immediate and sustainable future.

Here, Turkey can play a key role in helping to recover the international tourism industry
The Turkey’s position
By imposing a strict lockdown now, the government is hoping that tourists will be able to flock back for their summer holidays. Many businesses, restaurants and cafes will be closed, and Turks will only be allowed to leave their homes for essential food shopping trips or for medical reasons. They will have to obtain permission if they want to travel between cities. But foreign tourists will be exempt from these rules. Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy has said that the country's "most visited and important museums and archaeological sites" would remain open.

Possible Solutions :

  • First of all, we need to reduce the number of people infected with the coronavirus among our population, vaccinate them and convince tourists that our countries are safe.

  • Second, we need to create tourist areas that are at risk of contracting the disease.

  • Moreover, the signing of cooperation between our countries on the reduction of human and drug trafficking and the provision of explanations to tourists can also stop the further development of the tourism industry through human and drug trafficking.

  • To provide preferential loans to entrepreneurs wishing to operate in the tourism sector, as well as to facilitate land transactions, increase the number of hotels that meet international standards, thereby increasing competition and lowering hotel prices. Because as the price of tour packages increases, the number of tourists coming to our country also decreases. As a result, they prefer to travel to other countries at lower prices.

  • Enhancing online booking of airlines and railways, preparation of electronic and simple copies of road maps for free movement in our countries.

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