Commuters per day within the region of stuttgart 765 000 commuters per day within the region of stuttgart

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765 000 commuters per day within the region of stuttgart

  • 765 000 commuters per day within the region of stuttgart

  • 205 300 commuters per day come to stuttgart

  • 57 400 commuters per day drive from stuttgart into the region

  • A car is occupied with 1,1 persons on average

Geographical referenced maps

    • Geographical referenced maps
    • Route planning from door to door
    • Automatically generated response via email or SMS if a matching partner is found
    • Data transfer to public transport timetable
    • Free of charge service for users
    • Event data pool

“Pendlernetz Stuttgart”

  • “Pendlernetz Stuttgart”

  • • The registered user can enter his travel data

  • • The system calculates suitable trips right down to street level

  • • Personal preferences are considered as well as

  • time and cost requirements in a defined route

  • corridor

  • • The user receives the entire route on a map

  • including passenger collection and drop-off points

  • • 28 500 visits registered per month in 2006

  • • 78 600 visits registered per month in 2007


  • Carsharing

    • Car2go – 200 electric smarts - flexibel
    • Flinkster – several stations within the city
    • Stadtmobil – 390 different vehicles 177 staions within the city and the region


  • Knowledge

  • Carsharing and carpooling became a very successfull and dynamic market in the meanwhile

  • Dynamic “just in time” solutions via App are asked by the youngsters

  • It is quite an effort to make a product known

  • A network of strong partners is usefull who contibute large usergroups such as - companies - organisations - soccer clubs - festivals


  • Recommendation

  • As a public administration it doesn’t make so much sense to mix into the development of an commercial product

  • Better to communicate existing carpooling and carsharing products within the society and specially the companies

  • Start awareness campaigns

  • Make carsharing and carpooling a wanted and social accepted option

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