Connecting minds History Makers Molecules

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Connecting minds

  • History Makers Molecules

  • A transferable experiment on collaborative reading, mediated by

  • Knowledge Soups – Concept Maps in L2

  • Partenariate eTwinning formed by:

  • Carlos Moreno Guallart and Carlos Ruiz, Colegio Santa María del Pilar - Marianistas, Zaragoza, Spain;

  • Alfredo Tifi (Ideator) ITIS “Divini” San Severino Marche, Italy;

  • Adriana Smorto, Istituto Socio Psico Pedagogico “S.ta Rosa da Viterbo”, Italy

Connecting Minds is a WWMAPS project

  • World Wide Maps supports Collaborative Concept Mapping between groups of students and teachers from all the world

  • Multimedial and multilingual Concept maps can be used to share knowledge about every topic and to facilitate communication among different languages and cultures. See web:

How Concept Mapping helps e-Twinning:

A Basic Model for Concept Mapping

Italian partners

Multilingual CM helps decision – strategy making for teachers planning of the activities

A shared CM helped groups formation

Reading from “Napoleon’s Buttons, how 17 molecules changed History” Penny le Couter and Jay Burreson

Constructing claims from excerpts

  • A “Claim” is a simple affirmation, formed by a [Concept1]--linking phrase [Concept 2] ternary structure.

  • This step is not as so easy as it seems, because it implies a) to elicit concepts and relations, b) to decide which concepts are subordinated to which and c) to choose the way to “quantify” the former, i.e. how to cluster attributes and to create compound concepts.

  • We believe this helps meaningful reading and learning of students.

Collaborative team working

  • Sharing claims with “Knowledge Soup”

  • Working to the shared c-map (with two rules to foster interdependence:

  • 1. Students must pick up propositions and concepts from the soup and cannot add them directly to the c-map;

  • 2. only claims published by other students can be validated and fitted in the c-map).

  • Opening - Replying Discussion Threads

  • Enhanced concept mapping: adding other resources.

Groups work is coordinated in this Dokeos platform:

Added value for e-twinning

  • Transferability (to any other interesting book or shared source);

  • Applied training for teachers on high value technologies for world wide collaboration

  • Possibilities of supporting intensive training online courses on these methodologies for educational institutions

  • Possibilities to find other partners world wide besides us, to apply the same methodology in different topics

  • Possibility to experiment in educational research about Collaborative Concept Mapping and related matters.

Download 445 b.

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