Conspiracies, the Skull and Bones Society, and George W. Bush

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Conspiracies, the Skull and Bones Society, and George W. Bush

  • By Jessie ward

Background on the Skull and Bones Society

  • Founded in 1832 under the name the Eulogian Club by senior William Russell and 13 of his classmates
  • Named after Euogia, the goddess of Eloquence
  • Headquarters referred to as the “tomb,” and highlighted by hanging skeletons of various animals and is housing place of at least two human skulls (Geronimo and Madame Pompadour)

History of George W. Bush

  • Attended Phillips Academy in Andover, MA
  • Accepted to Yale University despite ranking in bottom quarter of his class
  • Head cheerleader, played varsity baseball, basketball, and rugby
  • Father George H.W. Bush, grandfather Senator Prescott Bush, uncle Jonathan Bush, great-uncles John Walker and George Herbert Walker III, great great-uncle George Herbert Walker, Jr., second cousin Ray Walker, as well as several close family and friends all pledged to the society
  • Bush connection to Skull and Bones

Attempted Separation from Society

  • Refused defining nickname and instead still referred to by name “Temporary”
  • Did not return to Yale after graduation until 1991
  • Has been quoted referring to Yale as a place with a “certain East Coast attitude,” containing an “intellectual arrogance” and an “intellectual snobbery”

Societal Connections

  • Given job as management trainee at agricultural company, Stratford of Texas by fellow Bonesman Robert H. Gow after it was publicly declared that no jobs were available
  • After attending Harvard Business School, relied on aid from relative Jonathan Bush, a Bonesman, to start first company, oil company named Arbusto Energy
  • Tapped Bonesmen for generous donations to help fuel presidential campaigns
  • One of first appointments once in office went to 1968 Bonesman Robert D. McCallum
  • At least five prominent government positions given to Bonesmen

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