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Our reason for existence

  • Our reason for existence

    • « To propose innovative solutions in the electrical and mechatronic fields, ranging from the development of software tools to the study, design and manufacture of systems. »
  • Our vision

    • « Our group will be an international leader and a technological reference. »

Our shared values

  • Our shared values

    • « We hereby undertake to
      • Respect others: our Customers, Colleagues and Partners
      • Communicate with transparency
      • Promote competence, creativity and responsibility
      • Base our activities on trust, delegation and training
      • Meet our commercial, technological and financial commitments
      • Guarantee the quality of our products and methods
      • Accumulate know-how
      • Share the fruit of our work equitably
    • With an objective of controlled growth guaranteeing the sustainability of the Group »

One group, 3 companies

  • One group, 3 companies

Worldwide representation

  • Worldwide representation

Products and services

  • Products and services

Services at CEDRAT

  • Services at CEDRAT

    • Technical support
    • Trainings
      • Software
      • Technical
    • Engineering:
      • Technical consulting
      • Simulation methodology
      • Dedicated software

Dedication to end-users

On earth, in sea, air or fire, CEDRAT solutions provide fast and accurate results to every end-user.

  • On earth, in sea, air or fire, CEDRAT solutions provide fast and accurate results to every end-user.

Wind farm design

  • Wind farm design

  • Main constraints

    • Modeling the wind
    • Connection to the grid
  • Results

    • Regulation of  angle
    • Design of protections
    • Simulation of faults and surcharge

Ship electromagnetic signature

  • Ship electromagnetic signature

    • Silencing systems
    • Corrosion protection systems
  • Main constraints

    • Dimensions (length # 100 m, shell thickness # 10 cm)
    • Eddy currents
    • Very complex geometries
  • Results:

    • Magnetic influence
    • Corrosion effect

Cut chamber

  • Cut chamber

  • Main constraints

    • CAD import
    • Assembly and imprint
  • Results

    • Electric field distribution
    • Evaluation of the discharge risks

Heat treatment

  • Heat treatment

    • Induction heating
    • Surface hardening
  • Main constraints

    • 2 physical domains
    • Eddy currents
    • Materials characteristics depending on temperature
  • Results:

Active control of vibrations

  • Active control of vibrations

    • Damping vibrations for KL skis
  • Main constraints

    • Large amplitude
    • Accurate measure of the acceleration
    • Embedded actuator and electronic board
  • Results:

    • Damping up to 30 dB
    • Improved comfort for the rider

Global supply agreements

  • Global supply agreements

Automotive & Transport

  • Automotive & Transport

    • Alstom, Bombardier, Borg Warner, Brusa Elektronik, Daimler, Delphi, Faurecia, Federal Mogul, Fiat, Globe Motors, Hutchinson, JCAE, Kone, Magneti Marelli, Michelin, Peugeot, Renault, Rockwell, Saia-Burgess, Sassi, Schindler, Siemens, SNR, Suzuki, Valeo, Visteon...
  • Aeronautics & Space :

    • Alcatel, Ametek, Angstrom sciences, Boeing, CNES, Crouzet, Dassault, DRS, EADS, Eaton, Esa Estec, ETEL, Faulhaber, Goodrich, IEAv, ISRO, Kollmorgen, Liebherr, Minimotor, Moog, Rolls Royce, Sabca, Safran, Technofan, Thales, TRW, Zodiac... 
  • Defence: 

    • Bath Iron Works, BEI Kimco, Curtiss Wright, DCN, DREA, Fincantieri, General Dynamics, Giat, ISL, Kockums AB, Lockheed Martin, MBDA, NUWC, Royal Netherlands Navy, SSERI, US Army Benet Lab, WTD71...
  • Energy transfer & Conversion:

    • ABB, Active Power, Areva, Cantarey, Cepel, Dalekovod, Dong Fang, EDF, Framatome, Gamesa, GE, Gothia Power, Hager, HEC, Hydro Quebec, Hyosung, Hyundai, Indar, Iskra, Legrand, Leroy Somer, Nexans, Powergen, Romande Energie, Schneider Electric, Socomec, Taiwan Power, Trafomec, Vatech, Vestas, WTC ...

Fluid Power, Gas, Petroleum

  • Fluid Power, Gas, Petroleum

    • Atlas Copco, Asco Joucomatic, Bechtel, Fluid Automation, Grundfos, ITT Flygt, Iwaki Pumps, Kvaerner, Magnet Schultz, Parker Hannifin, Robert Bosch, Schienle Magnettechnick, Schlumberger, Teco-Westinghouse, Total...
  • Household Appliances

    • AEG, A.O. Smith, Arcelik, Black & Decker, Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte, Brandt Cooking, Calor, Daewoo, Embraco, LG electronics, Rowenta, Samsung, Seb, Soler & Palau, Panasonic refrigeration, Tecumseh, Tetra Pak, Zanussi...
  • Industrial Process

    • Celes, EFD Induction, Fluxtrol, Gauss Magneti, GH Induction, Inducto Heat, Juli Motorenwerk, Picanol, Rotomatika, RWE Piller, Saet, Saint Gobain, Sew Eurodrive, Sintef Energy, Sun Netsuren, Servax, Termetal, Tyco Thermal, Usinor, Walker Magnetics, WEG...
  • Information Systems & Electronics

    • Celestion, Ciare, Densitron, ETA, Gothia Power, Guzik, Hitachi, Iljin Electronics, ISA, KEF, Kinetron, LG Electronics, Maxtor, Northrop Grumman, Oce, Ronda, Samsung, Seagate, Steorn, Timex, Western Digital...


  • Materials

    • Arelec, Carbone Lorraine, Dupont Nemours, Fermag, Fluxtrol, Imphy, Isliker Magnete, Kawasaki Steel, Magna Coils, Metra, Ocas Arcelor, Saint Gobain, Ssangyong Materials, Taihan Electric Wire, Vallourec, ...
  • Testing & Measurement

    • AEG, A.O. Actaris, Chauvin Arnoux, Contelec, Contrinex, Electricfil, Hyab Magneter, Laboratoire National d'Essais, Laboratorio Elettrofisico, LEM, Omron, Sensorex, SKF, TE2M, Texas Instruments, Xerox...
  • Research Institutes

    • CAT, CEA, CERN, CNRS, CRTBT, ESRF, Ikerlan, KERI, LMN, Los Alamos Laboratories, NIOT, NPOL, NSTL, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, TNO…
  • University Labs and Teaching Institutes in

    • Algeria, Australia, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, China, Columbia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, The Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA, Venezuela...

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