Country profile: fgm in liberia

Action Aid  Association of Disabled Females

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Action Aid 

Association of Disabled Females 


Association of Female Lawyers of 

Liberia (AFELL)

Africa Peace Mission


Amnesty International

Bosh Bosh Project

CARE International


Carter Center

Catholic Justice and Peace Commis-


Centre for Liberian Assistance (CLA)

Child Fund

Child Rights Foundation (CRF)

Comic Relief

Community Aid Liberia

Concern Worldwide

Dam Opera

Defence for Children International, 

Liberia (DCI-L)

ECOWAS Women in Liberia (EWIL)

Equality Now 

Family Planning Association of Libe-

ria (FPAL)

Forum for African Women Educa-

tionalists (FAWE)

Foundation for International Dignity 



Foundation for Women Liberia




Ganta Concern Women Develop-

ment Association

Guardian Care, Inc. - Liberia

Give Them Hope

Global Fund for Women

Hands for Humanity

Healthy Women Healthy Liberia

Hope for Liberia

Hope for the Nations

Inter-African Committee (IAC)

International Planned Parenthood 

Federation (IPPF)

International Rescue Committee 

Inter-Religious Council of Liberia 


Kvinna Till Kvinna Foundation

Liberia Coalition of Human Rights 

Defenders (LICHRD)

Liberia Female Law Enforcement 

Association (LIFLEA)

Liberian Women Empowerment 

Network (LIWEN)

Liberia Women Media Action Com-

mittee (LIWOMAC)

Liberian Women’s Alliance (LWA)

Living Hope Liberia (LHL)

Mano River Women Peace Network 


Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF)

National Women’s Commission of 

Liberia (NAWOCOL)

National Association on Traditional 

Practices Affecting the Health of 

Women and 

Children (NATPAH)

National Empowerment Program for 

Women and Children (NEP)

National Women’s Commission of 

Liberia (NAWOCOL)

New Narratives

Open Society Initiative for West 

Africa (OSIWA)


Paramount Young Women Initiative 


Plan International

Provision of Hope 

Samaritan’s Purse

Save the Children

South East Women Development 

Association (SEWODA)

SOS Children’s Villages

Special Emergency Activity to Re-

store Children’s Hope (SEARCH)

Street Child

The Fund for Global Human Rights

The Global Network of Women 

Peacebuilders (GNWP)

UN Women

United Nations Children’s Fund 


United Nations Development Fund 

for Women (UNIFEM)

United Nations Development Pro-

gramme (UNDP)

United Nations Mission in Liberia 


United Nations Population Fund 



Voice of the Voiceless (VOV)

West Africa Civil Society Institute 


West Africa Network for Peacebuild-

ing (WANEP)

West Point Women

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Women Against Female Genital 

Mutilation (WAFGEM)

Women in Peacebuilding Network 


Women and Children Advocacy 


Women and Children Development 

Association of Liberia (WOCDAL)

Women of Liberia Peace Network 


Women Passion Inc.

Women Peace and Security Network 

Africa (WIPSEN – Africa)

Women’s Rights Watch (WORIWA)

Women’s Secretariat of Liberia 


Women Solidarity Inc. (WOSI)

World Health Organisation (WHO)

World Vision International

Youth Action Network

Young Women Christian Association 


Zorzor District Women Care Inc. 



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