Critical thinking

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critical thinking

  • critical thinking

  • Critical thinking consists of “examining ideas, detecting arguments, and analyzing arguments such as sub-skills of analysis”–, among other abilities like interpreting, analysing, evaluating and inferring, as well as taking into consideration evidence concepts, methods or contexts on which judgement/thought is based.

  • Actually, academic writing requires the subject’s critical thinking, due to the fact that it is a set of ideas which teaches one to think and to learn.

  • On-line activities positively influence students’ attitudes, written and reflexive skills. They had the effect of making the students aware of the complexity and skills demanded by ICT.

  • B U T

  • Good performances on-line do not correspond to good performances off-line.

  • I N F A C T

  • Students who made well-schematized argumentative diagrams, with great initiative using on-line tools, displayed average performance off-line (lower than their performance on-line). A decisive factor for on-line success is the degree of adhesion to the tools and the degree of students’ familiarity with computers.

Download 445 b.

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