Custom built insurance for you and your Ariel Atom

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Custom built insurance for you 

and your Ariel Atom

It’s not a car 

it’s an Atom
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Custom built insurance 

protection for your Ariel Atom

There’s no doubt your Ariel Atom gives you a driving 

experience like no other. 

As a result we have put together an extensive policy, that 

gives you the freedom to enjoy your Atom to its fullest. 

Key Benefits

•  Developed specifically for Ariel Atom owners

•  Fully comprehensive insurance

•  Underwritten by a leading UK motor insurer

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What matters to you, matters to us

For a quote, contact our dedicated Ariel Atom team

01823 250735 •
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Fully comprehensive insurance

European cover included

Spare parts and accessories cover

Personal accident and medical expenses cover

Standard Cover

Key Exclusions

Used for purposes not specified  on your Certificate  

of Insurance

Any racing, rallying, competitions, trials or similar  

motor events

Optional Extras

5 track days including 2 in Europe. Excludes Nurburgring

Legal expenses

RAC breakdown cover 

(excluding Track days)

Standard Excess

£500 for Ariel Atoms valued up to £40,000

£750 for Ariel Atoms valued over £40,000

Track day excess is 10% of the vehicle value or 

£1,000, whichever is greater 

(in addition to standard policy excess)

Arranged through Lloyd & Whyte Ltd who are authorised and regulated by 

the Financial Conduct Authority. Calls may be recorded for use in quality 

management, training and customer support. This is a summary of cover, 

for a full policy wording including conditions and exclusions please visit

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