December 16, 2004 for immediate release

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December 16, 2004  





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North York, Ontario   

M2N 6E8 


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Mary Jo Deighan 

Coordinator of Communications 

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Sara Camilleri 

Executive Director, 


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Former Mary Ward student is latest recipient  

of Barry Diemert Scholarship 



The Metropolitan Toronto Catholic Education Foundation is pleased to announce 

that Jonathan Butash is the recipient of the Barry Diemert Music Scholarship for 

the academic year 2003-2004.  This honour was bestowed as part of the 

culminating event of the Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School Christmas Concert 

held on Tuesday, December 14, 2004.    


In an eloquent address, surrounded by family, staff and fellow musicians, Jonathan 

acknowledged the dedication of the Mary Ward administration and staff, whom he 

credits with playing a significant role in the development of his musical ability.   


Jonathan Butash, a recent graduate of Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School

received the award valued at $2,500.00 and has been accepted into York University 

where he will work towards a degree in Fine Arts.   

The scholarship was established in recognition of the contribution of Barry Diemert 

to music and education. Barry will always be remembered for his love of music, his 

devotion to family and friends, and the dedication and excellence he brought to 

music education throughout the Toronto Catholic District School Board.   

Applications for the scholarship for the school current school year will be available 

in the near future. 





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