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Demo Lesson Plan

Date: 03.11.2021
Grade: 6 “b”
Teacher: Shodiyeva Nigora

Topic: Do you want to be healthy?

Theme: Do you want to be healthy?

Teacher: Shodiyeva Nigora

Date: 03.11.2021

Grade: 6 b


  • to describe which foods they should eat more of (or less) than others;

  • to understand that healthy food is important to all people;

  • to encourage students to organize their thoughts in a critical or argumentative way that takes into account the complexity of issues and the existence of alternative and opposing views;

  • to increase students’ public speaking and presentation skills, including the ability to think quickly on one’s feet;

  • to encourage students to extrapolate beyond the information they receive in class;

  • to stimulate creative and original thinking by forcing students to look at their knowledge from a new perspective;

Download 181.36 Kb.

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