Directions to Locust Pavilion at Scott Township Park: Directions from the North

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Directions to Locust Pavilion at Scott Township Park:

Directions from the North: 

Follow 79-South toward Pittsburgh, take exit 55 toward Heidelberg/Kirwan Heights. Take the Washington Pike PA-50 East Ramp, Left onto Washington Pike 

/ PA-50, Turn Right onto Greentree Road, Right onto Lindsay Road, Right at the Stop Sign into Scott Park and follow the street to the Locust Pavilion. 

From the South: 

Follow 279 South, take Exit 2 toward PA-50 West Carnegie / Heidelberg, when exiting keep Left at the fork in the ramp toward Heidelberg, that will turn into 

Lydia Street, Turn Left onto Washington Avenue / PA-50 / Yellow Belt and continue to follow PA-50, Turn Left onto Greentree Road, Turn Right onto 

Lindsay Road, at the first stop sign turn Right into Scott Park, keep right, and follow road around to the Locust Pavilion.

Map Quest:

If you would like to do a map quest of Scott Township Park, the only address they provide is to their county building which is301 Lindsay Road, Carnegie, 

PA 15106. FYI, when taking part in Map Quest please do opposite of what they tell you when you come to Lindsay Road, because remember it will be taking 

you to their county building not the park, but to get to the park you have to turn onto Lindsay Road its just opposite of what Map Quest provides. 

Any questions please contact Bryan Colonna at 412-396-5927 or

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