Do the tests! She to be a ballet dancer when she up

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1. She _____ to be a ballet dancer when she _____ up.

A) go / grow B) going / grows C) goes / grows D)’s going / grows

2. We _____ to stay in a villa in France this summer.

A) going B) ‘re going C) to go D) go

3. I _____ Peter tonight.

A) ‘m seeing B) see C) seeing D) to see

4. I’m going _____ Peter tonight.

A) see B) seeing C) to see D) saw

5. Careful! The glass is _____ fall.

A) going B) going to C) goes to D) go to

6. We _____ to Paris this weekend.

A) going B) go C) ‘re going D) to go

7. Tom and Tim _____ for lunch tomorrow.

A) to come B) coming C) came D) are coming

8. I’m saving my money _____ a CD player.

A) buying B) to buy C) buy D) bought

9. We’re going to Paris _____ a holiday.

A) to have B) have C) having D) had

10. I’m going to Florida _____ a year’s time.

A) at B) on C) in D) by

11. He’s interested _____ flying.

A) at B) in C) on D) with

12. She’s good _____ singing.

A) on B) at C) in D) with

13. She was afraid _____ cars.

A) at B) with C) in D) of

14. What’s the weather _____ today?

A) like B) with C) in D) about

15. What’s _____ TV tonight?

A) in B) at C) on D) by

16. There’s a film _____ channel 4.

A) at B) in C) by D) on

17. What’s _____ the cinema?

A) on B) at C) on at D) at on

18. They _____ both _____ to become TV stars.

A) are / go B) are / going to C) is / going D) are / going

19. What’s she going _____ ?

A) do B) doing C) to do D) did

20. She’s going _____ home. A) to walk B) walking C) walk D) to walking

21. She wants _____ in Paris and Moscow.

A) dancing B) dance C) is dancing D) to dance

22. They _____ going _____ a car this year.

A) aren’t / get B) aren’t / getting C) aren’t / to get D) aren’t / got - Going to

23. _____ he play tennis last Sunday?

A) Did B) Does C) Do D) Are 24. _____ he playing tennis now?

A) Are B) Does C) Is D) Did

25. _____ you wash it yesterday?

A) Do B) Does C) Did D) Are
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