Do you like science?

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  1. Do you like science? ------ Yes of course. I really like science. Because it lets us to make progress and defines our world and universe. In addition, it covers a variety of research areas. Science is borderless field of life.

  2. Did you like science classes when you were young? ----------To tell the truth I absolutely did not like science branches, like mathematics, physics and chemistry. At that times I didn’t understand gains from science to the world and these subjects seem to me so difficult and boring. Now I like the science, but don’t know the subjects belongs to science.

  3. Do you think school children should have both science classes and art classes? ---------- Of course yes. All children have their special abilities and skills. Someone has ability to learn science, but someone has ability in art. If all children are taught in science, some of them can’t assimilate this. Because these children have ability in art. When we have both classes in school, I hope we achieve some degrees.

  4. Do you think science is important to our society? --------- I don’t know other fields in education but we can’t do anything without science. Science is important as it is everywhere in today’s world and it is the part of our daily lives. If we see which we use in life, we can see the science.

To my mind, the greatest thing since sliced bread is electricity. Without exaggeration, I think that electricity has revolutionized humanity.

It allows us to use all things, like smartphones, lap tops, printers, ovens, projectors and other most things. When my phone’s or lap top’s battery charge is over, I always say to myself, all things which work with electricity are the trash without this.

First of all, the electricity changed the oil lamp to electric lamp. All of us know about this. This is the simplest example for revolution of the world with electricity. Essentially, electricity opened the way to the world to develop easier and faster. Nowadays almost all factories and mills work quickly and easily with electricity. We can imagine our life without smartphones, but not without electricity. There is something else so important and one of the main revolution of the world are electric cars. When we drive the car works with fuel, it soils the atmosphere and nature. And it causes lots of diseases and to break atmosphere stabilization. Our world’s climate is changed to bad side that the normal temperature increased perceptibly. However, electric cars don’t affect to nature.

To be honest it is not popular thing, even we don’t have sensation of electricity till it switched of. After that we try to switch on electricity quickly. The main thing is that we mustn’t waste all our sources and have to save all of them like gas, water and electricity.
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