Dr. Vipul Mishra

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CV- Vipul Mishra
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Dr. Vipul Mishra

: +380-501831644 , Kiev Ukraine ,current
+91-9644318611 , India only whats app , viber
E-mail: vipulmishra1984@gmail.com
To achieve the best in the field of Pharma research and project through hard work and sincerity. To gain knowledge and use it for the productive development of the globe.

Key Role:
Research project and portfolio Management, Contract management, Leveraging.
Partnership, strategic management
Involved in In House development and Co development projects, licensing with various partners.
Project milestone tracking and budget tracking.

Geography - Regulatory markets-NAG, EU, CDN, AUS, RUS)


Farmak JSC : Currently working as Head of the - Project Management (PMO) in Global Integrated portfolio development (GIPD) at IPDO, since May 2018 to till.

Dosage form Handled: Co development projects (external development, Licensing, IH Development
(Biosimilar & all PFS ,Injectable Solid Orals, )

Biosimilar projects – Enoxaparin Sodium ( LMWH ) ,Nadroparin calcium ,heparin sodium , Insulin Glargine , Aspart , lispro , Aspart mix , Mabs, Filgrastim

New Generics- Paliperidone ER Injection , Lercanidipine , Ranolazine PR tablets , Propofol etc..

Les Laboratories Frater-Razes , Algiers : working as R&D Unit Director- since May 2015 to April 2018. Prepared all related documents with ANPP/SFDA faced audit with ANPP/ SFDA participate the audit …deliver the training managers supervisor manage the all the technology transfer related procedure etc..

JV Aarti Industries & SK Pharmaceutical Israel, : Working as Sr.Project Coordinator at Research and development division Global Operation India, since July 2011 to April 2015.

Dosage form Handled: Licensing and Co development projects (external development with CMO-ANDA)
(Solid Orals, Injectable, Inhalation , PFS)

Pioneer Pharmaceutical industries , Jordan : Working as executive in Quality Assurance division (from July 2010- June 2011).

Dosage form Handled: Licensing partners and IH Development
(Solid Orals, Injectable, )

Ind-Swift Laboratories: Working as Quality assurance associates In licence and co-development (From Apr 2007 to June-2010)

Dosage form Handled: IH Development
(Solid Orals, Injectable)

Job Profile:
Software Handled:

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