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Cf&uutd - wjfUtitwe
Choose the best alternative.
1. He wants_____a cold drink.
A) drink B) to drink C) drinking D) drinks
2. He never_____by plane.
A) travels B) to travel C) traveling D) travel
3. Will you_____off the photocopier?
A) to turn B) turning C) turned D) turn
4. Would she like_____to the moon?
A) going B) go C) to go D) goes
5. Do you like_____football on TV?
A) watch B) watched C} watches D) watching
6. We must_____back the mixer back to the shop. It doesn't work.
A) taking B) take C) took D) to take
7. She can_____German and Italian.
A) speak B) speaking C) to speak D) speaks
8. Could you_____more slowly?
A) speaking B) spoke C) speak D) speaks
9. I hope_____you soon.
A) to see B) seeing C) see D) saw
10. We'd better_____to the manager.
A) to talk B) talking C) talked D) talk
11. It takes him an hour_____to the bank.
A) getting B) get C) gets D) to get
IZ. [am sorry_____you.
A) disturbing B) to disturb C) disturb D) disturbed
13. He spoke too quickly for us_____.
Al to understand B) understand
C) understanding D) understood
14. He's not strong enough_____me.
A) beating B) beats C) to beat D) beaten
15. She is able_____ 100 meters in 9 seconds.
A) running B) run C) to run D) ran
16. It is important_____.
A) to win B) winning C) win D) won
17. A: This problem is too difficult. I can't solve it. B: Is it really too difficult for you_____?
A) solving B) solve C) to solve D) solved
18 A: He is a doctor. He looks very young.
B: Yes. He doesn't look old enough_____a doctor.
A) being B) be C) been D) to be
19. A: Shall I buy meat or fish?
B: I've already told you what_____.
A) to buy B) buying C) buy D) bought
20. A: What are you_____?
B: I'm resting.
A) done B) do C) doing D) to do
21. Thank you for_____me.
A) helping B) help C) to help D) helped
22. Lets_____in the sun.
A) sitting B) to sit C) sat D) sit
23. A: Why do we go to school? B:_____.
A) To learn B) Learning C) Learned D) Learn
24. Could you______me the time?
A) telling B) to tell C) tell D) told
25. There is nothing______.
A) to do B) doing C) did D) do
26. Have you got anything______?
A) reading B) to read C) read D) reads
27. She is good at______.
A) to swim B) swimming C) swims D) swum
28 It takes a long time______a foreign language.
A) learning B) learned C) learns D) to learn
29. A: I've got a headache. B: Well, why don't you_____an aspirir
A) to take B) take C) taken D) taking
30. Why are you_____my tea?
A) drinking B) to drink C) drunk D) drink
31. She typed the letters carefully without_____any mistakes.
A) made B) to make C) makes D) making
32. I haven't_____Anna more than five years.
A) seeing B) seen C) to see D) see
33. Why don't we go and_____the film at the Moonstar?
A) see B) seen C) to see D) seeing
34. My son wants_____a manager.
A) been B) to be C) be D) being
35. I'd rather not_____late for my interview.
A) be B) to be C) been D) being
36. A farmer uses tractors_____fields with.
A) ploughing B) to plough C) ploughed D) ploughs
37. She wants_____a complaint about the waiter.
A) to make B) making C) makes D) made
38. My father does the_____himself.
A) ironing B) irons C) to iron D) iron
39. My mother does all the_____.
A) cleaning B) to clean C) cleans D) clean
40. Shall I_____you a glass of lemonade?
A) making B) made C) make D) to make
41. Do you lie in bed after_____?
A) to wake up B) waking up C) woken up D) wake up
42. Let him_____that for you.
A) to do B) do C) doing D) does
43. How long has he_____the manager?
A) been B) to be C) being D) be
44. She is_____to school by her mother every morning.
A) takes B) taken C) to take D) taking
45. A new factory is_____here.
A) being built B) to build C) build D) building
46. I'm afraid of_____mistakes.
A) to make B) made C) make D) making
47. I'm looking forward to_____you next summer.
A) visit B) visited C) visiting D) visits
48. It is not necessary for him_____every page.
A) reading B) read C) to read D) reads
49. I don't____sugar, thank you.
A) take B) to take C) taking D) taken
50. He prefers walking to____.
A) driving B) drive C) drives D) drove
51. I expect she will_____.
A) comes B) coming C) come D) to come
52. I expect her____.
A) to come B) comes C) coming D) come
53. Hadn't we better_____soon?
A) leaving B) leave C) leaves D) left
54. He usually goes____tennis at the weekend.
A) to play B) playing C) plays D) play
55. She can't stand_____to rock music.
A) listening B) to listen C) listen D) listens
56. Will you____to what I'm saying?
A) listening B) to listen C) listen D) listened
57. Haven't you____your calculator?
A) finding B) find C) found D) to find
58. It is difficult____a good hotel, in this town.
A) find B) to find C) found D) finding
59. May I____you tomorrow?
A) seeing B) to see C) seen D) see
60. I can see a man____towards us.
A) come B) coming C) comes D) to come
61. Terry wants to read, but he hasn't got a_____lamp.
A) read B) to read C) reading D) read
62. They don't have____water in their house.
A) running B) to run C) run D) ran
63. Everyone is expected____to school.
A) going B) goes C) to go D) gone
64. Turkey is not an oil____country.
A) producing B) to produce C) produces D) produced
65. I've Just eaten a____potato.
A) boiling B) to boil C) boils D) boiled
66. She didn't get a____grade on the test.
A) to pass B) passing C) passed D) passes
67. Let her____the potatoes.
A) fry B) fries C) frying D) fried
68. We'll eat the____potatoes with salt and pepper.
A) fried B) frying C) to fry D) fry
69. Did somebody____the dishes?
A) wash B) washing C) to wash D) washed
70. Yes, I saw the____soldiers.
A) wounding B) wound C) wounded D) to wound
71. The boy____in the dentist's chair has got toothache.
A) sitting B) sat C) sit D) sits
72. Everything is____.
A) changes B) to change C) changing D) change
73. Will you____here tomorrow?
A) to be B) been C) being D) be
74. He should give up____.
A) to smoke B) smoking C) smoke D) smoked
75. He would like_____after dinner.
A) to rest B) resting C) rests D) rested
76. We are peace_____people.
A) love B) loved C) loving D) to love
77. He agreed_____us with our assignment.
A) to help B) helping C) helped D) helps
78. The doctor advised him_____a little exercise every day.
A) takes B) taking C) to take D) taken
79. She told him not_____too much noise.
A) making B) make C) to make D) made
80. Do you mind if I_____you question?
A) asked B) ask C) to ask D) asking
81. The plane has_____off.
A) taken B) took C) taking D) takes
82. Our house was_____in 1984.
A) building B) builds C) built D) been built
83. He is too ill_____.
A) moving B) moves C) moved D) to move
84. Does she have_____up early?
A) gets B) getting C) got D) to ^t
85. _____in Ankara is expensive.
A) Don't live B) Living C) Live ' D) Lived
86. You must_____at once.
A) apologize B) to apologize C) apologizing D) apologized
87. You ought_____exercise regularly.
A) take B) to take C) taking D) takes
88. The man_____in that car is my father.
A) sits B) sit C) sitting D) sat
89. She punished the child for_____lies.
A) telling B) to tell C) told D) tells
90. You can't live without_____.
A) eat B) to eat C) eating D) eaten
91. They can_____in now.
A) to come B) coming C) came D) come
92. I saw the bus_____towards me.
A) to come B) comes C) coming D) come
93. His father was_____in a car accident.
A) killing B) kills C) be killed D) killed
94. English is an easy language_____.
A) be learned B) to learn C) learning D) learned
95. Could you tell me where_____off the bus?
A) to get B) get Q getting 0^ got
96. When I was young I used_____to school on my bicycle.
A) going B) to going C) to go D) gone
97. This problem is hard_____because it is very complicated.
A) solving B) to solve C) solved D) be solved
98. I expected Mary_____me last night but she didn't.
A) to phone B) phoning C) phones D) phone
99. I'll never again ask you_____me.
A) helping B) help C) to help D) helped
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