Elevators and escalators: What are the main requirements for Elevators security characteristics?

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Elevators and escalators: 
1. What are the main requirements for Elevators security characteristics? 
Although a security system should begin at the entrance to the building, elevators must also be 
considered in a complete building security scheme. In addition to being equipped to provide safe 
and reliable elevator operation, elevators also can be integrated with other building security and 
emergency systems such as monitoring systems, access control systems, communications systems, 
fire emergency systems, and emergency power systems. 
Today's elevator systems adhere to strict safety codes and standards and incorporate a wide variety 
of features designed to help reduce the chances of accidents and give passengers a quick
dependable ride. Some of the numerous safety features offered include: 
Safety brakes 
Door sensors 
Door closing devices 
Hoistway door interlocks 
Hoistway safety switches 
Door restraints 
Emergency evacuation feature 
Pit buffers 
Emergency alarm switches 
Emergency telephones or communications devices 
Emergency lighting 
Emergency power 
Fire emergency systems 
2. What are the main requirements for Elevators fire safety characteristics? 
Fire Emergency Systems 
Fires seldom start in well-maintained modern elevators. Unfortunately, however, elevators are 
vulnerable to fire originating elsewhere in a building. Elevator codes require elevator hoist 
ways and doors to resist fire and heat long enough for people to evacuate the building. 
Nevertheless, elevators are not designed to operate under conditions of extreme heat, fire, 
explosion, or water. Elevators must never be used to evacuate tenants from buildings, because 
the elevator hoist way can act as a chimney for smoke; anyone in the elevator would be at risk 
for smoke inhalation. 

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