Entrega Project Update Wyoming Natural Gas Pipeline Authority – August 30, 2005

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Entrega Project Update

  • Wyoming Natural Gas Pipeline Authority – August 30, 2005


  • Entrega Project Update

  • Project and Facilities

  • Milestones and Schedule

  • Interconnects and Capacity

  • Access to Markets

  • Wrap-up

Project Description

  • Entrega is a new open access natural gas pipeline developed to move Rocky Mountain gas production to Midwest markets

  • FERC regulated interstate pipeline; developed with cooperation of Bureau of Land Management and other Federal and State Agencies

  • Runs from Meeker Hub in Rio Blanco County, CO through Wamsutter, WY to the Cheyenne Hub near Rockport, CO

  • FERC certificate includes capacity of 1,500 MMcf/d, developed in 2 phases

    • Phase 1 approximately 750 MMcf/d (free flow)
    • Phase 2 incremental 750 MMcf/d (compression)

Description of Facilities

  • Project includes 136 miles of 36-inch pipeline and 191 miles of 42-inch pipeline

  • Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) of the system is 1,480 psig

  • Route chosen to minimize environmental impact; 94% is adjacent to existing pipeline and utility right-of-way

  • Phase 2 will include 3 compressor stations; Meeker (11,000 HP), Big Hole (22,000 HP), and Wamsutter (14,000 HP)

  • Eight delivery/receipt meter stations at interconnects with existing pipelines, two at Meeker, two at Wamsutter, and four at Cheyenne Hub

Recent Significant Milestones

  • FERC Certificate Granted – August 9, 2005

  • Construction contract awarded to US Pipeline Company

  • Operating contract awarded to Kinder Morgan NatGas Operator LLC

  • Agreement to interconnect with TransColorado

Proposed Pipeline Interconnects

Entrega Pipeline Capacity

Market Pipeline Access

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