Epac06 Schedule Builder Proposal Hywel Owen Delegate Schedule Requirements

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EPAC06 Schedule Builder Proposal

  • Hywel Owen

Delegate Schedule Requirements

  • Motivation:

    • We would like to give delegates a way to organise their conference schedule
    • Also provide reminders for each delegate?
  • Should include:

    • Title/abstract
    • Time
    • Location

iSilo – used at EPAC’04

  • iSilo is a cross-platform Freeware application

    • Geared to document storage
    • ‘Like PDF only smaller’
  • Palm, PocketPC, Windows Mobile, Symbian etc.

  • Similar in functionality to PDF

  • Requires a download to the device

    • (but so does PDF)
  • I found it difficult to use at EPAC’04 on Windows Mobile

    • Too much information?

Scheduling at EPAC06

  • We desire:

    • Simple system
    • Automatically driven from the conference data
    • Standards-based if possible
    • Free if possible
    • Cross-platform
    • Does not require much work by the delegate
      • No installations

The Target Platform!

Extensions to My Schedule Functionality

  • At present, My Schedule lets you summarise a day at a time, or output the whole conference

    • To Screen
    • To PDF (via print)
  • Extend to include:

    • Data output
      • iCal files
      • Subscribable iCal URLs? (dynamically – perhaps a duplicate problem here)
    • Different searches

My Schedule Search Ideas

  • Full download of complete programme

  • Daily downloads – Mon, Tue….

  • Field searches, e.g.

    • All orals
    • By classification, author etc. (fields)
    • And/Or keyword searches, e.g. ‘FEL’ & ‘DESY’
    • Combinations of the above!
  • ‘My Schedule Suggest’

    • Take keywords from delegate’s contributions, and suggest papers which match them – rank in order of most matched keywords
    • Choose top 10, top 20, top 100 etc.
  • Implementability?

iCal – RFC2445

  • http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2445.txt

    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICalendar
    • Is more or less a standard for Calendar/Events booking
    • Defines Events, Actions (To Do’s), Journals Items, and Free/Busy information
    • (related to vCal) – used more or less interchangeably
    • Sample Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object:

Breaking Down a Simple Event

A More Complicated Example

Used by a LOT of Software – Cross-Platform

  • Windows (XP etc.)

    • Outlook (native/plugin)
    • Mozilla Calendar
    • Sunbird/(+Portable)
    • Thunderbird/Lightning
    • Lotus Notes
    • Novell/Ximian Evolution
  • Mac OSX etc.

    • iCal (native)
    • Mozilla Calendar
    • Sunbird
    • Thunderbird/Lightning

Hot to Get Data Onto Your Device (In Theory!)

InDiCo .ics Files – but only for whole event (not individual)

Windows: RemoteCalendars

  • http://remotecalendars.sourceforge.net/

  • Works great – except have to replace webcal:// with http://

    • Same file location (on web), but just different URL start – seems not to care!
    • A bit of a pain with other calendars – have to remember to edit the link when subscribing
    • Manual updates

iCalShare – www.icalshare.com

  • A central (public) location for shared calendars

    • Can’t think of a reason NOT to publicise here (other than inviting spam etc.)
    • But can publish on our own server – SPMS, website etc.

www.eventful.com – another one!

Want to be really geeky?

  • Can use hCalendar format to publish calendar information in xHTML

  • http://microformats.org/wiki/hcalendar

  • Can then use GreaseMonkey script to automatically convert published data on webpage to link to .ics files….

  • For serious geeks only!!!

Proposal for EPAC06

  • Develop My Schedule to add additional search methods

  • Retain Schedule -> Screen and Schedule -> PDF

  • Add generation of .ics files

    • Download to file
    • Publish to website (static/dynamic?)

Now For a Bit of Fun – Finding Your Way to EPAC

  • Motivation

    • Help delegates find their way to the hotel
    • Maps are not exciting enough!!
  • Use GPS!

Coordinate Systems

  • WGS84 is the standard lat./long. System used by commercial GPS.

  • The format is very simple, e.g.

    • -3.207616,55.947072 is the Sheraton Hotel in Edinburgh
  • Depending on the GPS, you can enter this code and use it with maps

    • Basic navigation (you are 1km away and need to go north)
    • Navigation software for drivers

Getting the Hotel Coordinates

  • UK Postcode is accurate to ~5 buildings / 20m

  • www.streetmap.co.uk does coord conversions in the UK

GPS Unit Upload

  • Depends on unit; I know about

  • Used Freeware to do conversions

    • (Garo’s POI Edit)
  • Delegate uploads files using their unit uploader software

  • Can also make available Speed Camera data for those with car navigation software

Live in EPAC Site Now

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