Episode 6 – The journalist Scene 1

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Episode 6 – The journalist

Scene 1

RYAN: Megan, wait!

OLIVIA: Megan!

LUKE: What are we going to do?

MEGAN: We're going to show him that kids can do good things, and we're going to do it in this park.

OLIVIA: What do you mean? What are you thinking?

MEGAN: Well, what did he write about?

LUKE: The graffiti problem.

MEGAN: Exactly.

LUKE: Exactly what?

MEGAN: I'm going to change this problem into something positive.

RYAN: What? Why are you so mysterious, Megan?

MEGAN: I'm not. Now come on – we need to go and talk to Mr Lane.

OLIVIA: The park keeper?

MEGAN: Yes, the park keeper.

Scene 2

OLIVIA: That's great. Mr Lane said we can go ahead with our plans.

LUKE: And the park's going to pay for it all.

MEGAN: Now all we need is some volunteers. I think I'll ask Miss Dawes if I can use the school's website to recruit people.

Scene 3

LUKE: Wow, Megan, the video you made is great. Look, Olivia! This is Megan's video on the school website.

MEGAN (on video): And finally, we're tired of people saying that all we do is cause trouble. We want to show them that we are important and that we play an important part of this community. That's why I'm asking for your help this weekend. Together we can make a difference. Thank you.

OLIVIA: I know! And everybody is talking about it. We're going to have lots of people helping us!

Scene 5

MEGAN: Yes! Look at this.

LUKE: "Local Kids Build New Wall. Local kids have come together to help build a graffiti wall. A group of teenagers, led by schoolgirl Megan Phillips ..."

MEGAN: That's me!

LUKE: "... spent their weekend making a graffiti wall for all kids to enjoy."

RYAN: Who wrote it?

MEGAN: Nigel Forsyth. And I've made friends with him.

OLIVIA: Well done, Megan - you did it.

MEGAN: Nope! We all did it!
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