Extracurricular activities help high school students prepare for college and beyond

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Extracurricular activities
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Extracurricular activities help high school students prepare for college and beyond.
If you have a high school student, you probably already know that extracurricular activities are an important factor for college admissions. Many colleges and universities weigh participation in extracurriculars because activities outside the classroom bolster the development of the “whole student.” But extracurricular activities are beneficial for all students, regardless of their post-high school plans.

What are Extracurricular Activities?

Extracurricular activities are programs that:

Also known as extra-academic activities, extracurricular activities include sports, student government, community service, employment, arts, hobbies, and educational clubs. Extracurricular activities all complement an academic curriculum. While these activities can be structured by age group, such as high school programs, they aren’t always. For example, your teen might volunteer with a local charity or have a part-time job.

Benefits of Extracurricular Activities

Participating in high school extracurricular activities is a great way to widen your teen’s social circle, expand their interests, and build leadership skills. Studies show that involvement in high school extracurricular activities leads to positive long-term outcomes. 
Beyond demonstrating your teen’s interests and individuality, extracurricular activities prove they can make meaningful contributions, maintain a commitment, and manage their time and priorities.
Colleges look for applicants who are motivated outside of the classroom. Admission officers seek passionate students who demonstrate leadership and pursue interests beyond their schoolwork. They know that teens engaged in their high schools and communities are more likely to behave similarly in college.
However, colleges do understand that not all students have the luxury of pursuing traditional extracurricular activities. Students who work to support their families or care for younger siblings are given equal consideration by admissions officers for their commitment and responsibility.

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