Faculty presentation theme: a good book and film Prepered by Checked by Tashkent, 2022 a good book and film

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Theme: A good book and film
Prepered by________________
Checked by________________
Tashkent, 2022
A good book and film
Were you ready for the sentence "Of course, the book is good"? Literary lovers are left with these thoughts even after watching the best screen adaptation. Some believe that there is no need to spend time and effort on reading a book when there is a TV, a laptop or the possibility to go to the cinema. Let's try to find out who is right in this debate: movie lovers or book lovers?

The book is useful

Let's start with the pros and cons of the books first. You must have heard a lot about the benefits of reading books. Why? First of all, interest in literature helps to deal effectively with stress, increases your vocabulary, expands your worldview, develops attention, creative abilities and emotional intelligence. Second, our brains do not work the same way when we get to know a literary text as when we watch a movie, which gives a book lover an advantage over a movie buff. When we devote time to a book, we "engage" different areas of the brain: the areas responsible for vision, speech, imagination, associative thinking, and emotions are activated.

Nerve fibers are covered with a thicker layer of myelin, a conductive substance that protects the brain from many diseases, including Alzheimer's.

The process of reading a book takes longer than any full-length movie (this is one of the disadvantages of the book). We don't have to forget everything and focus on the screen. The reason is that we can take a break to understand the author's idea, compare what we read with our personal experiences and memories, evaluate the experiences and values ​​of the characters.
And "digesting" the movie is done after watching it or by pausing the video. The reason for this is that our brain naturally cannot perceive external events and refer to internal experience at the same time. So, if you want to learn new ideas and apply them in life, choose books.
Cinema is convenient
While the brain works actively and spends a lot of energy while reading a book, it rests when watching a movie. The viewer does not need to unravel the plot lines and try to understand the author's idea - you can "relax the folds" of the brain and just follow the path laid by the film crew. On the other hand, it's sad: the characters and the scenery appear at the discretion of the director and artist. But we save time and energy while receiving new information. T his is appreciated in the modern world.
It should not be forgotten that the movie will have special special effects and background music, and the screening of the artistic work will allow you to get acquainted with the plot of several hundred pages in a short time.

But no matter how hard the director, screenwriter and actors try, they cannot bring out all the details, thoughts and images of the characters on the screen. That is why we are still not satisfied with the screen versions of such works as "War and Peace", "The Master and Margarita".

Literature and cinematography are not competitors
After all, cinema and literature are different types of art. Their characteristics and functions are different. Therefore, arguing about which to choose between film and cinema is like arguing about which is better than fine art and ballet.
If you have noticed, both book lovers and movie fans do not change their opinions, despite how many years have passed. Both parties agree to their terms. Therefore, do not limit yourself: read good books and watch interesting movies - then you will get the full benefit and pleasure.
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