Fast food and healthy food What is fast food

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Fast food and healthy food
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Fast food and healthy food

What is fast food
The fast food, the favourite meal of all of us, from child to adult, the taste we cannot refuse even though, always trying to stay away from it, is one of the most demanding products of our time. “Fast food” is a common name for dishes prepared in a short time and offered to customers. Usually, it is made of pre-fried or efficiently cooked goods. It is sold in packages to make it easy to eat on the street or take home. As a term, fast food firstly appeared in the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 1951; however, its roots are much older.
History of fast food

The history of fast food is older than we thought, but how did “fast food” come about?
The first place where ready-cooked food was sold was Ancient Rome. Although there was living in the multistoried buildings called “Insulae,” there was no kitchen inside, and Romans had to purchase their food from the food vendors. Romans, who eat their meal with the bread soaked in wine, used to eat traditional meals cooked with vegetables at restaurants called Popina.

One of the second-century manuscripts has provided information on small markets that were open all night and sold noodles. History books inform us about the vendors selling cake, waffles, and cooked meat in the larger settlements of the Middle Ages. These people and places were selling their meals to the poor and the travellers who could not cook their food. Thus, those who could not afford it were fed up, and sellers earned it. It led to the formation and development of the primary fast food notion. Residents of the settlements and villages near the coast used to cut the seafood into small pieces and cook and sold them in different papers.
The hamburger that everyone thinks of while talking about the fast-food has been originated in medieval Europe. Although everyone seems to believe that the origin of fast food is in the USA, they are mistaken. London studies in 1598 and articles referring to the history of England in the 1840s and 1850s mention fast food.

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