Fearless membrane of the Reunion Island metal landscape, Vacuum Road takes us

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Alternative Metal



Fearless membrane of the Reunion Island metal landscape, Vacuum Road takes us, 

windows closed, to a whimsical gravity fuelled universe. Catchy riffs, heartbreaking yet 

detached voice, that the band wears powerful music with strong emotions with no com-



With a more moderate anger than usual in Metal music, and more melodies and 

harmonic constructions, their music overcomes the clichés of Metal, while keeping its 

intensity. The vocals pass on the strongest emotions, through singular accents. It’s fragile, 

but also screaming and distorted.


Formed 10 years ago around Yann, the guitarist and Thomas the singer, the line-up 

changed frequently, before settling down in 2014.In January 2016, the band released a 

music video “The Sandlords”, directed by Mickael Gresset, a song from their album re-

leased in April 2016, under the “Labelistic” label: called “Rear Views”.


In 2017, they released a new EP called «Madness is the new Bliss». The disc includes a 

cover from French singer Alain Bashung «La nuit je mens»


The band is currently composed of 


- Yann CADET - Guitar 

- Thomas LIM-SU-KWAI - Vocals

- Raphaël JEAN-BAPTISTE - Bass

- Laurent BENARD - Drums 



Thomas : thomas.limsukwai@gmail.com - +262 692 38 07 77 

Yann : iackiian@gmail.com - +262 692 12 75 34

The band is represented by Frédéric Hoarau : studiotic974@gmail.com - +262 692 10 50 45 




10 march 2016 – 7:30 PM Le Mag – Antenne Reunion

The band announces the release of the album and the music video

Who said that Heavy Metal couldn’t be smooth 

and melodic ? Vacuum Road has been deve-

loping a cloudy mood where emotions grow 

during long progressive compositions, but stays 

rooted in the musical identity of big Metal 

bands, with double bass drums and lyrical dis-

tortion. An unusual mix, similar to an explosion 

recorded in slow motion. 

L’Azenda -113 - March 2016


Vacuum Road is a band from Reunion Island and offers the real touch of 

originality tonight. They play a quite unexpected music  for an opening 

of Tagada Jones, but their set and their alternative metal clearly pleased 

the crowd (and also and more importantly) us. The singer is especially 

charismatic and talented and the musicians excellent. In conclusion, don’t 

hesitate to give this promising band a try.  

LIVE REPORT 08/09/17 Tagada Jones + Vacuum Road + Ulster Page au 

Mars d’Angoulème - Chaiyoursound.com 


Le Quotidien - 08/05/16

In Vacuum Road’s rear view mirror.

The alternative metal band Vacuum Road releases their debut album “ Rear Views”. An 

art piece as original as this band, who’s known multiple evolutions.

10 years, it’s the time that Vacuum Road, alternative metal band, took to release their 

debut album called “ Rear Views”.


During a whole decade the band’s compositions changed quite a lot of times. Va-

cuum Road is by the way not the bands birthname.


Back then, the band was called Hurricane and was just an amateur musicians as-

sembly who just had tons of fun covering song from Metallica,Pantera, Rage Against The 

Machine and so on...


Barely 2 years later, the core of the band, Yann and Thomas, tried to compose. Va-

cuum Road’s DNA progressively took form, despite the numerous changes.


They changed drummer many times, often because they left the island to go to 

France. It’s the case of Emilie, who recorded the drum parts of the album, but gave her 

place to Zombie, the current drummer.

“Emotional print”


If “Rear View” only releases ten years later, it’s also because the quartet Yann, Tho-

mas, Zombie and Raphaël are a bit perfectionist. “ Our compositions are quite complex, 

very rich in terms of sonorities, justifies Yann Cadet the guitarist. Those are songs we’ll be 

playing for multiple years, so it’s natural to put a lot of work on composition.” It is Yann 

who’s in charge of composition. Working in informatics, his computer is also his principal 

tool in music.


He experiments, tries all the possible notes, adjusts... “You can do whatever you 


want on a computer”, he says.

Thomas vocals then add to the ensemble like another instrument helping those “Emotio-

nal prints “ that they want to leave in their path.”


That’s why the lyrics allow everyone to have their own interpretation.


As enigmatic as the lyrics : the music video for the first track of the album, “ The 

Sandlords”, is directed by Mickaël Gresset. The musicians launched a crowd-funding cam-

paign to finance it. “It was three very intense shooting days”, remembers Yann.


Seven to ten minutes.

This schizophrenia, is the identity of Vacuum Road today. We understand, during the 

listening of the nine titles composing “ Rear Views”, (including some that are seven to ten 

minutes long), that the musicians decided to build a very vast universe where every liste-

ner is invited to loose himself inside it... only to finally find himself. “The advantage of the 

emotions is that they lead us astray” wrote Oscar Wilde.

They ended up finding they own place in the local music scene. The band will be on 

stage on the 28th of May at Tsara Bay, in Cambaie, along side Planck and Riske Zéro. “Our 

dream, would be to become pros, of course, tells the guitarist, but we’re grounded, we 

know it’s very complicated.”

For now, the band is waiting for the reaction of people towards their first album and will 

be doing many many shows to “sound out the audience.”

“We ‘re allowed many things during compositions, underlines the guitarist, such as multi-

ple guitar tracks or even some strings part, that we can not interpret live”. Vacuum Road 

is also the promise to give chills and emotions that will only be available live.


“Rear View” out mid-April under the Labelistic label. 12 € .



«Vacuum Road, c’est un style très 

particulier, qui se moque bien des formats 

puisqu’on n’hésite pas à étirer les morceaux 

aussi longtemps qu’il le faut. C’est un style qui 

ne s’apprivoise pas facilement et qui requiert 

de l’attention. Ce n’est pas de la pop facile 

calibrée radio, ce n’est clairement pas fait pour 

l’auditeur pressé. Ce n’est pas du metal, il y a 

beau temps que l’on a quitté les sphères tant 

du hard que de l’indie rock, c’est parfois pla-

nant mais ça reste toujours très électrifié. Ça 

creuse. C’est dense. 

Un groupe réellement à 







           Ibuso Metallistic -23/09/2015

“Vacuum Road, is a very specific kind of music, 

who could not care less about formats. They 

do not mind stretching songs as long as neces-

sary. It’s a style that’s hard to tame and that 

requires attention. It is not some easy listening 

radio pop song, it is clearly not for the hurried 

listener. It’s not Metal, we left the spheres of 

both hard or indie rock, it’s sometimes airy but 

always electrified. It digs. It’s dense. A truly 

specific band.” 


  Ibuso Metallistic -23/09/2015



t's on the ashes of Hurrycane, an exclu-

sively metal cover band, that Vacuum Road 

emerged in 2005 in Saint-Denis. Yann the 

guitarist and Thomas the singer absolutely 

despise void. Their idea? Explore musical 

landscapes where nobody has never set 

foot before on Reunion Island. To hell, with 

thrash, metalcore, neo and so on... They 

want to play the music that's pleasing to 

their ears. And that's what they do by chan-

ging the line-up around the initial core (Gui-

tar/Vocals). Vacuum Road has watered their 

Metal to put everything on that melodic 

strength, the atmospheric power of their 

compositions that takes the time to show 

themselves around a dramatically sounding 

voice. We can guess they come from Tool 

and Deftones along side with Katatonia, 

Chevelle, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Rishloo... 

Vacuum Road sees itself in a post-neo-metal 

that blows hot and cold. They scream their 

independence by being the most serious of 




Vacuum Road, vaporous Metal

After ten active years, Vacuum Road releases its first album, The band sets its path 

between rock and progressive metal looking forward to a surprising musical universe. 

Live at TsaraB the 28th of May

Everything started as a little Metal Cover Band in the south of Reunion Island. Fifteen 

years later, Vacuum road draws it's first album, a project that took quite some time. 

“They're not short tracks, says Yann Cadet the guitarist and composer of most of the 

songs. So I really prefer taking the time to work on them.” Indeed with 7 minutes for 

some tracks, the listener has the time to enjoy them.


To present this first album, Vacuum Road will be live the 28th of May at Tsara 

B in Saint Paul, with Planck and Riske Zéro. “ We play a music that could be a theater 

piece, explains Yann. It's not dancing, the goal is to get the spectators to enter a uni-


Abstract art to empty yourselves ?

In ten years, the face of Vacuum Road changed. Some members left, others are not 

that far away, such as Emilie who went to France, but is still on the album.


The core of the machine, Yann and Thomas  keep everything running. Yann 

starts composing the tracks by himself, with a specific software that allows him to put 

his ideas in partitions. “I really prefer this system to a simple recording, as it allows me 

to compose songs I am not technically able to play yet”, explains the guitarist. Yann's 

icon is Brian May Queen's guitar player. He likes him better than “shredders” those 

guitarists who are fond of speed and technicality. On the melodies, Thomas puts his 

lyrics, but the voice is used as an instrument more than anything, whether it's sung or 



“He always keeps a mystery behind the meaning of his lyrics”, explains Yann. 

Don’t come for the politically engaged lyrics, his words are fully in english and deep 

into surrealism. Surrealist in video too. The band got itself a music video directed by 

Mickaël Gresset and available on Youtube (The faints of heart may restrain)


In this video, we find the airy and refined atmosphere of the band. Zen Metal 

? The recording of the album was also a good occasion to especially work on sound, 

with some guitars being recorded on multiple tracks to create a volume in space. The 

band even took the liberty to add in some strings. On stage, the tone is different. For 

now, the band tries to play a gig per month, waiting their tour next year. “We dream of 

becoming professionals and to live off of our music, tells Yann, but let's keep our head 

on our shoulders, it's not easy for anyone.”


Why a CD? Because the 90's generation could not live without this format. It's 

also available at Studio Tic in Saint Denis.   

Nicolas BONIN


Chronique de l’album Rear Views - Music Waves - Septembre 2016



“For a first album, “Rear Views” is incredibly 

mature. Vacuum Road from Reunion Island 

introduces us with a first and brilliant alter-

native metal production with a truly strong 

emotional potential.  


Behind this intriguing name lies a 4 men 

band from Reunion Island that has been 

touring around the island for multiple 

years. Vacuum Road released its first album 

early 2016 and is already wanting to carry 

its alternative rock outside of their home-

land. The 4 young musicians have done 

everything possible to assure themselves a 

good enough visibility to catch French and 

foreign media attention.

Moving between alternative metal et at-

mospheric rock, Vacuum Road has a large 

musical spectrum. The track opening the 

album is the “poppest” song of this “Rear 


“The Sandlords” is the song they chose to put in video. With the help of director Mickael Gresset, they delive-

red a very aesthetically pleasing music video. But the slow mood of the beginning and the lack of expressive 

vocals might not serve them well and make up for a surprising choice, when we know what follows.

And what follows is way more delightful, as Vacuum Road shows us its personality on the two next following 

tracks, first with Futurism with its dark tones, and shredding riffs, amplified by the screams of Thomas. Then 

“Water And Gravity” stings our curiosity with its 10 minutes of atmospheric rock/metal made of rhythmic 

changes and dreadful vocals, glum mood and heavy riffs. The listener is taken into a rare emotional flow in the 

long final instrumental part or in those rage inducing choruses.

It’s hard to put the Reunion’s band’s music in a box as it uses different aspects of Metal music. Often com-

pared to bands such as Tool or Archive for its alternative side and its very expressive vocals similar to M. J. 

Keenan (the comparison is especially clear “Nature Hates a Vacuum”) the band’s personality is apparent on 

each track and gives them an undeniable authenticity. The different songs put the guitar on the spotlight (“64 

or “82) while alternating minimalistic parts, making the main riff’s comeback even more delightful (“Evil 

After All” or “And That Winter That Never Comes”).

Multiple listening will make you discover new atmospheres in every part. They’ll also reveal quite complex 

song structures but sadly they’llcome back too often sometimes causing us to struggle when it comes to tel-

ling the songs apart. This is especially true in the end of the album, even if the three last tracks are as catchy 

and exciting.

Vacuum Road is able to mix post rock, alternative and atmospheric and to combine melody, power and emotio-


nal strength in prog music, refined by subtle arrangements, an overall impressive technique and an incredibly 

good production. 

Some elements are left to be perfected and Vacuum Road needs to develop its artistic personality to break 

free from its influences sometimes too heavy or too present. But it is overall quite deep and this “Rear Views”, 

and its 9 tracks almost all over 6 minutes, looks more like a confirmation album, than a first try, proving the 

enormous potential of the band, even if it’s their first production. Talent doesn’t wait years to show up. Let’s hope 

that Vacuum Road will meet the success it deserves and that the band will carry on going down the same path. A 

band to keep an eye on.


Formed about ten 

years ago, Vacuum 

Road decided from 

the start to evolve 

in an alternative 

rock register with 

heavy metal in-

fluences, a style 

that perfectly suits 

them. After only a 

year together they 

won the second 

place at the local 

Rougail Rock music 


With a strong line-up settled in 2010, Thomas on vocals, Yann on guitars, Ra-

phael on the bass and Emily on the drums, they progress in the right direction, 

accumulating not only concerts but also compositions. It’s after a final change 

in the line-up that Laurent took the drums in 2015 : at a time when the band 

was finishing up their debut album, “Rear Views”. The compositions are infused 

with a very personal touch, highlighted by the progressive aspect which only 

adds density to everything they hold. Using a very frank and massive tone, Va-

cuum Road is eager to throw at us some rhythmic treasures supported by those 

slashing guitars but also by this delightful voice.

They multiply breaks and other stylish guitar effects. The band stands out from 

the very powerful progressive Metal branch while not forgetting to put a couple 

of impressive riffs. The musicians don’t shun demonstration, and assembles eve-

rything without harming the harmonious structure. We praise the overall quality 

of “Rear Views”, a perfect balance between titles such as “The Sandlords”, “Wa-

ter and Gravity “, “Evil After All” or even “ And That Winter That Never Comes”. 

All of this makes the album into a piece of art that requires time to be fully un-

derstood. Here is a band that has the arguments to go against the big ones!

www.zicazic.com - 3 mars 2017



What’s the question that you’ve been asked way 

too much?

-Why don’t you incorporate elements from tradi-

tionnal Reunion Island’s Music?

The tracks of “Rear Views” have a format similar 

to those of ProgMetal and content similar to alt 

or atmospheric. How would you describe Vacuum 

Road’s music to our listeners that have yet to 

listen to the album.

-The crucial question – but none the less essen-

tial – of the label... The term Alternative-atmos-

pheric -metal is rather accurate, I think. Now, it’s 

true that the term alternative is a bit tarnished, as 

once you’ve said it, you know nothing more. It’s 

an album with long songs, slow tempo, ethereal 

atmospheres, it’s an album that we wanted full of 

emotion above all. If you like prog structures, but 

you’re kind of tired of technical showoff, give it a 

listen !

We see different influences in your music such as Tool, Archive or Anathema. Do you 

agree? Are there any other bands that you feel like you’re being inspired by?

First of all, Tool: Because we enjoy taking our time, the trance that comes out of those re-

petitive pattern, mystical ambiances... Deftones, because it’s a singer that put some fragility 

into Metal, I respect that.

Regarding my vocals, my references are not in Metal : I’m thinking about Björk, whom I’ve 

probably borrowed some gimmicks.

The line-up seems to have been pretty stable for quite some time but you’ve changed dru-

mmers during the making of the album; Why, and has that been a problem for creation 


Emilie, the drummer who recorded all the drum parts of the album, had to leave us to pur-

sue her professional goals. (I think it’s the number 1 reason bands split in Reunion Island.). 

Before her, the album composition, had started with Thierry (also exiled in France). That 

was quite problematic, as you can guess. Songs written with our former drummer probably 


have a more radio-friendly touch.

Why have you chosen “The Sandlords” for your music video? This is perhaps the poppest 

track of the album. Don’t you fear it’ll give a twisted image of the band?

-We can’t deny our pop side and what we had hoped with this music video, would be that 

people that have no affinity towards rock or metal may want to check out the rest of the 

album. In terms of atmosphere, it’s quite loyal towards to the rest of the CD.

However, it truly reflects the ambiguous side of your music, between softness and rage. 

Has this duality been a motor while you were writing and composing?

In terms of compositions,we went easy. We composed without the objective of releasing an 

album. Some songs are 10 years old, and have evolved throughout the different bassists and 

drummers. The album was painfully recorded over 2 years. In terms of guitars, there was a 

huge part of trial and error, when we started mixing we realized that the guitar takes were 

not good enough, the sound was too stale. Yann had to rerecord everything from scratch 3 

times. We could count on the availability of Samuel our Sound Engineer and the locals of 

Nawar Productions, for countless hours.

The production of the album is filled with very interesting arrangements but quite difficult 

to do on stage, is that an issue for you?

For the arrangements everything was decided during post-production. We wanted to add a 

little something compared to our live performances. We really didn’t plan that those arran-

gements were going to take such a big part of the album. Once the album was over we tried 

playing over samples during our shows. But it was rather disappointing : we had to play on 

rails and I think it took too much spontaneity out of our shows. We kept the raw side on 

stage, and I think it works better that way. They’re two different aspects of our music, one 


live, rawer, more direct and slightly more brutal, and the CD one which is thicker and en-

lightened by other sound elements.

In the interview on LINFO.re, we see a few seconds of the band playing and they chose to 

pick a screaming moment, not quite 

accurate and rather cartoonish way 

that media has on Metal music. Do 

you regret this position? 

I remember what happened that 

night, we had an outside gig booked 

with Planck. It was the first time that 

this bar programmed a rock/metal 

show. The neighbours immediately 

came fucking around and called the 

cops. While the cops were yet to 

come, we decided to do as much 

noise as we possibly could just to fuck 

with people. It was the night where 

the local TV station decided to do 

an article on Reunion Island’s Me-

tal scene, they were late, it was the 

last song before the shut everything 

down, unlucky...

A career is already very hard to achieve in France, so in Reunion Island it must be one hell 

of an obstacle course, isn’t it ?

If by carrer, you’re talking about selling albums and living only off of concerts, bands that 

are looking forward to that have nothing to do in Reunion Island. Even though there are a 

couple of very passionate people here trying to keep the scene alive it’s not enough.

Promotion is often time consuming and expensive for self-financed bands? Bands like 

Warfield or Planck struggle to cross the borders of the island. How are you hoping to 

make it?

We hope to do a small tour in 2017 in France, essentially opening for local bands in 

Concerts/Caffés. For exportations, local bands usually rely on national bands that have a 

show planned in Reunion Island. It’s a good time to make some contacts, it’s our strategy.

What are your expectations on this album release?


I see the Metal scene of the island as 

something that’s left to be built. Few 

metal bands here get to the point of re-

leasing an album, so every album release 

is quite important. This album has to be 

a proof that the Metal scene gives itself 

the means to exist, that Metal here exists 

through forms as varied as anywhere.

What’s your best artist memory?

Our first shows at the  late-Cyclone-Café, 

it was incredibly small, it was way too hot 

and every show was a hell of a mess.

And the worst ?

A gig by the sea in Saint-Leu, the au-

dience was mainly composed of families 

who had no clue of what was going on. 

What’s the question you would like to be 

asked ?

Do you have any Reunion Island bands to recommend? Yes! Planck, The Showdus, Warfield

Any last word to the reader of Music Waves? 

Emilie the drummer who is on the album, has started a new project in France. It’s called 

“Poumon”, it’s Trip-Hop and they got noticed by Krakatoa. It’s really good.



REAR VIEWS - Album published in 2016

Full album for free on : 


and on Deezer, Spotifyand Itunes


EP 4 tracks : «Madness is the new Bliss» 

published in 2017

Full EP available on Deezer, Spotify, Itunes


1 track published on Studiotic compilation

Compilation published in 2015


«The Sandlords» - Video published in January 2016

Available here :


Crowdfunded with Ulule


LIVE AU PALAXA : http://bit.ly/2n591rP

Live in Palaxa - Nuit de Kal 2016 

«And that winter that never comes» 

Track from the first album



Responsive website

Everything you need about the band : medias / photos 

/ gigs / EPK


Download 4.48 Mb.

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