Fill in the gaps with prepositions At/On/In 1 I like getting up late at the weekend

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  1. Fill in the gaps with prepositions - At/On/In

1) I like getting up late at the weekend.

2) The boat leaves in ten minutes.

3) On Friday morning Linda had a French lessons.

4) See you in a few weeks! Bye!

  1. Put the verbs into the present perfect or past simple.

A:did you go shopping on Saturday?

B: Yes, I bought lots of things.

2) A:Have you finished your project yet?

B: Yes I finished it last night.

AHave you ever been to Poland?

B:Yes, I went there in 1992.

  1. Fill in the gaps with Yet/Recently/How long//Never/Since/Just/So far/For/Ever.

1)How long have you been a teacher?

2) Kate has just cleaned the window.

3) Have you ever been to Egypt?

4) You have known them for five years.

64. Fill in the gaps with Yet/Recently/How long//Never/Since/Just/So far/For/Ever.

1) I haven’t invited anyone to the party yet .

2) Sandra has never driven a car before.

3) He hasn’t phoned since Sunday.

4) Tody has just bought a dog.

65. Put the verbs in brackets in to the correct form of the present perfect.

1) My friend has opened a flower shop in the village.

2) I have not done my homework yet.

  1. The baker has baked many loaves of bread.

I have lost my gloves.

66. Fill in was, were, have or had.

Lisa: Where were you last night?

Helen: I was at Jenny’s house

Lisa: Did she have a party?

Helen: Yes, it was her birthday.

Lisa: Did you have Fun?

Helen: Yes, we had a lovely time

67. Write questions to the following statements.

When was Paul tired?

a)Paul was tired when he got home.

Where do they live?

b)They live in London

Can she play the piano?

c)She can’t play the piano

What time does the film start?

d)The film starts at nine o’clock

68. Put the adverbs in the correct place.

a) Kate never goes to bed late at night.

b) You can sometimes see clouds in the sky

c) Ben seldom eats in restaurant.

d) They are often late for school.

69. Put the verbs in brackets in to the correct form of the present perfect.

1) I have forgotten his address.

2) Nigel has written a new book.

Has the doctor taken your temperature?

Have you sent aunt Margaret a birtrhday card yet?

70. Complete the sentences with will or going to

a) Why are you turning on the television?

-I am going to watch the news

b) Oh, I’ve just realized. I haven’t got any money

- Haven’t you? Well, don’t worry I will lend you some.

c) I have a headache. Have you? Wait a second and I will get an aspirin for you.

71. Put the verbs in brackets in to the correct form of the past simple.

1)”Did you go to school yesterday?”

“ No it was Sunday.

2) He read an interesting book last month.

3) I looked for my keys but I didn't find them.

4) “Did you ring the bell?” Yes, but nobody answered.”

72. Match the sentences:

1.Hanka is creating (c) a) the software

2.Philip is inserting an (f) b)CDs

3.Rob is troubleshooting (a) c) a file

4.We are running (e) d) a device

5.Betty is connecting (d) e)a check-up

6.They are burning (b) f) image

73. Put the verbs in brackets in to the correct form of the past simple.

1)”Did you go to school yesterday?”

“ No it was Sunday.

2) He opened his presents on Christmas morning.

3) I looked for my keys but I didn't find them.

4) “I washed my clothes on Sunday afternoon.”

74. Underlined the correct word

a)Could you tell me the time, please?

b) Can you post this letter for me, please

c)Could you put ice in it, please?

75. Write questions.

a)Have you got a camera?

b)Have you got a pasport?

Has your father got a car?

d)Has Carol got many friends?

76. Put in some or any.

a) I can pay. I have got some money.

b) There are not any shops in this part of the town.

c) Do you know any good hotel in London

d) I am thirsty. Can I have some water, please?

77. Put in what/which/who.

a) This is a very nice house. Which room is yours?

b) Which is more expensive, meat or fish?

c) Who is older, Ann or George?

78. Translate the words and make up sentences:

———Motherboard, case, main memory, keyboard, expansion card, mouse

79. Put in somebody, something, anybody, anything

a) She said something But I didn’t understand it.

b) I went to the shop but I didn’t buy anything.

c) I am looking for my keys. Has anybody seen them?

80. Fill in the sentences with preposition

a) Everything was in quiet.

b) The ship sailed to Canada

c) I’ve watched every one of the passengers

81. Write sentences with There is/There are

a) There are 7 days in a week.

b) There are 50 states in the USA.

c) There are 30 days in September.

d) There are a lot of/people in the park.

e) There is some milk.

82. Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or present continuous.

1) The twins are watching T.V at the moment.

2) Simon usually spends the weekends at home.

3) Tim is studying hard these days.

4) Why are you crying? Is anything wrong?

83. Complete the sentences is/isn’t am/am not/are/are not:

1. It is going well. 2. I am learning a new program.

3. She is not working in the office today. She has a day off.

4.They are installing the new software.

84. Put the verbs in present continuous or present simple

1)Do you know that man over there?---Actually, I do. He is my friend

2) Are you doing anything tomorrow evening?--- Yes. I am seeing Jack at nine o’clock.

3)I see you are feeling better---Yes, I am. Thank you

85. ——— Translate the words and make up the sentences: To deal with, safe , install, to agree, to feel hurt, mark up language, file transfer protocol, wireless , network,shopping,repairing.

86. Make questions. Use… going to..

  1. What are you going to wear to the party?

  2. When are you going to visit me again?

  3. How long are your friends going to stay here?

87. Translate the words and make up sentences:

Motherboard, wireless , local network,, high-frequency, permission, radio wires, communicate, to have a snack, a trick, jump,difficult,wrong,friendly, very polite.

88. Put the verbs in the past perfect tense.

a)They had already reserved the table when they went to the restaurant.

b) They had already sitten down for dinner by 8 p.m

c) Bill had injured his legs in a car accident, so he had to use a wheelchair for six months

89. Fill in the gaps with some, any, no, somebody, something, somewere, anybody, anything or nobody.

1) I’m thirsty.Can I have some water, please?

2) Somebody is calling your name.Is it your brother?

3) Thank you very much.I don’t need anything else.

4) It’s raining hard.There aren’t any people in the street.

90. Underline the correct tense

1) I saw Jim this morning. He was running for the bus.

2) Keri was angry. She had been waiting for Sarah for two hours.

3) Brian learnt how to spell his name at school today.

4) Sue was smiling as she was reading Mary’s letter

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