Focus of this Paper Spark High-Level Synthesis Framework

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High Level Synthesis

Focus of this Paper

  • Spark High-Level Synthesis Framework

    • Comprehensive synthesis framework
    • Coordinated Coarse & Fine-Grain HLS and Compiler optimizations
    • C Input => RTL VHDL Output
      • Results in terms of Logic Synthesis Results (Area/Timing)
    • Large, real-life applications: MPEG, Image Processing
    • Descriptions with complex and nested conditionals and loops
  • Objectives:

    • Improve quality of HLS results by extracting a high degree of parallelization
    • Reduce impact of control constructs on QOR
    • Improve controllability of the HLS solutions

Recent Related Work

  • Code motions in the presence of conditionals

    • Condition Vector List Scheduling [Wakabayashi 89]
    • Path Based Scheduling [Camposano 91]
    • Symbolic Scheduling [Radivojevic 96]
    • WaveSched Scheduler [Lakshminarayana 98]
    • Basic Block Control Graph Scheduling [Santos 99]
  • Early work was on data-intensive DSP algorithms

    • Pipelining, Algorithmic transformations

SPARK High Level Synthesis Framework

The Intermediate Representation

Loop HTG Node

Trailblazing: Code Motion Technique

Scheduling Heuristic

Scheduling Heuristic


  • Experiments for several transformations

    • Speculative Code Motions
    • Transformations applied during scheduling: Dynamic CSE
  • We have used Spark to synthesize designs derived from several industrial designs

    • MPEG-1 Prediction Block
    • GIMP Image Processing software

Code Motions: Logic Synthesis Results

CSE/Dynamic CSE Results


  • Comprehensive High-Level Synthesis framework

    • Behavioral C to RTL VHDL
    • Hierarchical IR + Parallelizing Transformations
    • Toolbox of Transformations guided by Heuristics
    • Basic compiler transformations: CSE, Copy Propagation
  • Platform for applying Coarse and Fine-grain Optimizations

  • Experimentation with large industrial applications

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Additional Slides

Eliminating Dependencies by Renaming

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