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For Immediate Release 

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Emmy Award Winning Actor, Ed Asner to Visit Madera 



Madera, Calif.,- "Hollywood legend Ed Asner, co-star of the Mary Tyler Moore show

winner of five Golden Globes, Seven Primetime Emmy Awards and a slew of various TV 

and feature film roles, will pay a visit to the Madera South High School and the Madera 

Community College Center, Friday, February 24, 2017 to promote and discuss his 

REELZ Channel Docudrama, “Titanic: Sinking The Myths;” portions of which, were 

filmed in Madera County. Mr. Asner is greatly looking forward to meeting eager Madera 

Unified drama students who wish to pursue an acting and entertainment career. 

This docudrama, which dives into the political and economic factors of 1912 

that led to the TITANIC disaster and appalling loss of life features a score of local 

Madera County student actors, as well as other local talents. Director/Producer/Writer & 

Editor Ryan Katzenbach utilized the casting skills of Madera South High School Madera 

South Theatre Company (MSTC). Theatre teacher and Madera native, Ginger Latimer 

will be providing actors for various roles. While portions of the film were shot in Los 

Angeles, the reenacted Titanic footage was filmed at a ranch in Madera County; where 

Ryan and his team recreated sections of the Titanic ship. Over 30 MSTC Theatre 

students made appearances in the film, as well as MSHS & Fresno City/State 

professors, MSHS drama alum and three local Fresno musicians. 

Starring alongside Mr. Asner is famed Hollywood actress, Frances Fisher, who starred 

in James Cameron’s 1997 film “Titanic” playing Rose’s mother, Ruth Dewitt Bukater. 

Rose was portrayed by Oscar-winning actress, Kate Winslet and also starred 

Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio.




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Madera Unified School District 

​was established in 1966. ​The District aspires to be 

widely recognized throughout California as a leader in education, where the futures of 

children are driven by their aspirations, not bound by their circumstances.



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