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   VP & Corporate 

                                                                                                                                     Relations Officer 










GETTYSBURG, PA, August 6 --- Gather some non-perishable food and bring it to one of ACNB 

Bank’s offices in Arendtsville, Bendersville or Biglerville for a food drive for John’s Meals, a program 

organized by Upper Adams Christians Together (UACT).  John’s Meals helps Arendtsville Elementary 

School children and their siblings throughout the Upper Adams School District who live in food 

insecure homes to have three meals and snacks for each weekend during the school year.  The Upper 

Adams School District and Arendtsville Elementary have partnered with John’s Meals on this project, 

and they ensure that the food is given to the students who need it most.  In addition, John’s Meals is 

aiming to add Bendersville Elementary School students as well. 


John’s Meals is named in honor of John Raffensperger, a lifelong resident of Arendtsville who 

worked as a custodian at Arendtsville Elementary School.  After Mr. Raffensperger passed away, his 

bequests to different organizations helped to provide seed money to begin the program.     


A food collection box is stationed in the lobby of each of the Bank’s Upper Adams offices.  All 

are welcome to stop by and contribute to the food drive.  Specific items are being collected as follows: 





 dinners; red beans and rice; Chef Boyardee


 cups; cans of low sodium soup; mac 

and cheese cups; single serving containers of fruit---like peaches, oranges and applesauce; single  


Press Release 


Press Release/Upper Adams Food Drive 

August 6, 2015 

Page 2 


serving containers of vegetables---like carrots, peas, and green beans; individual pretzel bags and 

individual Goldfish


 or Whales


 bags; fruit snacks; healthy granola bars; small boxes of raisins; short 

stacks of whole wheat crackers; individual Nutella


 cups; and, pudding cups.  Please check expiration 

dates marked on the food to make sure it’s not past the date marked.   


The food drive continues through Monday, August 24.  Plan now to stop by ACNB Bank in 

Arendtsville, Bendersville or Biglerville and donate to the John’s Meals food drive. 


ACNB Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ACNB Corporation, an independent financial 

holding company with assets of $1.1 billion headquartered in Gettysburg, PA.  Originally founded in 

1857, ACNB Bank serves its marketplace with banking and trust services via a network of 21 retail 

banking offices located in the four southcentral Pennsylvania counties of Adams, Cumberland

Franklin and York.  In addition, the Bank operates a loan office in York, PA.  The other wholly-owned 

subsidiary of ACNB Corporation is Russell Insurance Group, Inc., its insurance subsidiary.  Russell 

Insurance Group, Inc. offers a broad range of commercial and personal insurance lines with licenses in 

36 states, including Pennsylvania and Maryland, through offices in Westminster, Carroll County, and 

Germantown, Montgomery County, MD.  For more information regarding ACNB Corporation and its 

subsidiaries, please visit 









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ACNB #2015-18 

August 6, 2015 


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