Foreign language instruction should begin in kindergarten

Using linking language – try this!

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Using linking language – try this!

It’s also important that you link your sentences together. One of the most effective ways to do this is use “this”. It is a very natural linking word and can help you avoid repetition. See how it introduces these sentences:

Perhaps the most significant of these is that not only has marriage become less popular,

This naturally leads to fewer people

This can have the effect of

This phenomenon is likely to be harmful

This is particularly the case

IELTS healthcare for children essay

This is one of my model essay resource lessons where you can

  • get notes on how to approach the essay

  • read a model essay

  • practise using the essay vocabulary

Quick notes on the essay structure

It is important that you discuss both points of view in your essay even if you decide one point of view is better than the other. The logical approach is to use one main paragraph for

It is also important that you give your own personal opinion as the question asks you to do this. I suggest you do this

  • in the introduction so that the examiner knows what your point of view is throughout the essay

  • in the conclusion which should mirror your introduction

I also suggest that you use personal opinion phrases to make it clear that this is what you think. Do not feel that you can only use impersonal language.

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