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Reviewing coursework from a previous year group

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sirpanish podshipniklarini tamirlash, Task 13,14 page 46, 401. Makhliyo Kholmuminova. sci-tech. 1, mojiza kitob 1 bolalar uchun unversal (2), mojiza kitob 1 bolalar uchun unversal (2), ozbek tilida badiiy tasvir vositalari , chiziqli15, chiziqli15, chiziqli15, boshlangich sinflarda matematikada og, 2 5274045889017546310, 391 5 [1](1)I17 (2)(1), Til bo'yicha bilimlarni baxolash 7, 5 sinf adabiyot fanidan dars ishlanma, 5 sinf adabiyot fanidan dars ishlanma

2. Reviewing coursework from a previous year group

Look at coursework from a previous year group and discuss its strengths and weaknesses.
Compare it with the marking guide and ask students to say what they would have given it. Then you can reveal what mark it actually got.
Make sure any work you show is anonymised. If you are using students’ work from recent years, ideally you should get their permission first. If in doubt, check with your teaching lead.
To maximise time in the classroom, share the written work with students beforehand via Moodle.
Example case study: It's a trap! How I got students to engage with assessment: the power of guided marking

3. Getting students to critique their own and others’ writing

Get students to write something for five minutes. Then ask them to read one another’s work in groups of three and compare views.
As a teacher, you don’t have to read everything your students write. Encouraging students to show their written work to others (apart from you) can help them become better at self-assessment and peer assessment. 
It can also make them think more carefully about what they write. Showing work to others can help to foster a better culture of learning and sharing among students. It also gives students a sense of how they are contributing to the body of work that makes up an academic subject. 

Offer individual tuition to students

Ask your teaching lead about the individual support on a programme for students to improve their writing.
Ask your students if they’ve ever been invited to sit down with someone to go through their writing. If they haven’t, give them that opportunity.
Sit down for 15 minutes with a student. Look at a short piece of their writing with them and explain how they could improve it.
If you have too many students (say over 25), you could offer part of your weekly office time on a first-come-first-served basis.
Particularly in their first two years of study, offer your personal tutees the chance to use a tutorial to talk about academic writing.

Within Indonesian context, most teachers would prefer to use textbooks for their teaching. Some important roles of

textbooks are it is efficient, provides instructional standard, offers structure and syllabus for a program, has variety learning resources, and has quality maintenance. Yet, aside from its advantages, textbooks also have some weaknesses. Among other, textbooks contain inauthenticity in terms of language use, content, and students’ need as well as reducing the teacher’s skill to create their own teaching materials.
This does not mean to say that the use of textbooks in the language classroom is bad, but it surely gives messages that creating instructional materials which is authentic and suitable with the students’ need is indeed necessary.
Some important requirements for designing and developing instructional materials for language learning are the
writer’s knowledge and understanding on the language and its use, the focus of the materials, and the activities that accompany them. Taken into the context of teaching writing in Indonesian context, finding suitable materials in the classroom is quite a challenge.
When writing itself is not easy, let alone teaching this skill to other people. Writing teachers/lecturers often have problems in the topic selection for writing activity. They further state that if the topic chosen for writing activity is not interesting, the students would have little to write on the paper. Therefore, one way to overcome this problem is probably to present challenging topics for the students and selecting materials which are as close as possible to the day to day life and relate to the students’ personal life. The use of authentic materials for language classroom is typical. As stated by Gilmore it has been started hundred years ago for the teaching of a language. Thus, the term of authentic material is not something new. But, when it comes to a definition, some people might have different opinion about it. There is no fixed definition of authentic materials.
. This paper is intended to describe 1) the theoretical relationship between Content- Based Instruction and authentic materials that can be used by language teachers to teach writin in the classroom, 2) the previous studies of authentic materials used for teaching writing, 3) the type of authentic materials which can be used for teaching writing, and 4) the advantages and disadvantages of using authentic materials for teaching writing.
This research uses qualitative approach focusing on content analysis design. Content analysis design is considered appropriate since the main purpose of the study is to conduct a library research in relation to the type of authentic materials suitable for higher education, more specifically in Senior High school level and university level. The library research was conducted through reading research reports in the internet, thesis, dissertation, and other type of relevant
document. The instrument used was mainly human instrument and documentation. The data collection took four months from February to May 2019 which employed
several steps; finding articles or research reports in relation to authentic materials for teaching writing, reading and comprehending the reports, classifying the data based on its
category, and making conclusion. The researcher focused on the methodology of the previous research to find out what and how the authentic materials were presented in
classroom context for teaching writing.

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