Fourteen Years a jesuit, Vo

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Fourteen <a href="/jesuit-residence.html">Years A Jesuit</a>, Vol. 2.

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to keep page numbering consistent.


The Bank of Wisdom reproduces the best of

scholarly, Philosophical, Scientific, Religious and

Freethought books produced by the great thinkers and

doers throughout human history.  It is our duty and our

pleasure to do this necessary work.

The Bank of wisdom is always looking for lost,

suppressed, and unusual old books, sets, pamphlets,

magazines, manuscripts and other information that needs

to be preserved and reproduced for future generations.  If

you have such old works please contact the Bank of

Wisdom, we would be interested in obtaining this

information either by buying or borrowing the book(s), or

in obtaining a good clear copy of all pages.

Help us help your children find a better tomorrow.

Emmett F. Fields

Bank of Wisdom

Bank of Wisdom

P.O. Box 926

Louisville, KY  40201


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