Franklin Pierce By Christopher Hervey Franklin Pierce

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Franklin Pierce

Franklin Pierce.

  • 1853-1857

Early Biography.

  • Born on November 23, 1804, Franklin Pierce, though by no means wealthy, had more advantages than most young boys in rural New Hampshire. His father, Benjamin Pierce, had led the local militia to victories in the American Revolution, and as a result, he enjoyed a status in the area of Hillsborough that gave him influence in local politics. Both he and his wife Anna Kendrick's families had been in America since the early Puritan settlements of the 1620s. Like other ambitious parents, Benjamin and Anna wanted their eight children to have a better education than their own.
  • Franklin attended local schools until age twelve when he was sent to private academies. At fifteen, he entered Bowdoin College in Maine where he made many friends, including a budding young writer named Nathaniel Hawthorne. At first, young Franklin enjoyed the social life at Bowdoin so much that his schoolwork took second priority. Soon he was last in his class. He gradually began to apply himself to his studies and by graduation in 1824, he ranked fifth in his class.

Presidential Achievements.

  • Nationality laws are changed so that all children born abroad to U.S. parents are guaranteed American citizenship.
  • The Native American Party, or Know-Nothing Party, becomes the American Party.
  • The Republican Party holds its first national meeting in Pittsburgh.

Interesting Facts.

  • His vice president was William.R.D.King.
  • He was a lawyer and a public official.
  • He earned 50,000$ a year.

A Question I Would Ask Him.

  • Would you have had more children????

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