From: M. Aliyeva, a regular visitor

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To :Mr.Mamadjanov, the owner of the bookshop

From:M.Aliyeva, a regular visitor.

Subject:The bookstore.


The aim of this survey is to find out the level of satisfaction of customers and visitors of the store.More than 50 people were questioned and asked for their opinion.


The bookstore is situated in the same building as the famous cafe “Evos” does,so it has very comfortable benchmark to find and to explain the place.This is indicated by the fact that more than 50% of the people mentioned the ease to get there. However, every third questioned complained about the lack of route buses.Moreover,the majority finds it strange that the store does not have the name.

The store is more than just a bookshop. Maps,colour books,puzzles are on sale for a wide range of customers.70%of those questioned were satisfied with the variety of books and magazines on display.In terms of stuff behaviour,more than half of the pleased with warm welcome and attention payed by the sales assistants.Friendly sealers are eager to give any information related to books and other things in the shop.

Special services.

Large number of people liked the availability of “Paynet “service,where anyone can pay for their phones.Furthermore,visitors enjoy ordering books online from the telegram Chanel of the store.This is demonstrated by the fact that every second surveyed mentioned this online service.


Many people believe that prices are outrageous.This is implied by the fact that more than 90% of the surveyed complained about high prices and no discount on books and other products.


In conclusion, the reputation of the bookstore is quite good.It is recommended that the bookstore is given a name and to attract wider audience ,the prices should be lowered .


1.Do you find it easy to get to the shop?

a) yes. b)no

2.Is there any particular route bus ,that can take you to the store ?

a) yes b)no

3.Are you okay with the shop not having a particular name ?

a) yes b)no

4.Are you satisfied with the range of books/newspapers/magazines available?

a)yes b)no

5.Do you find the sales assistant friendly and welcoming?

a)yes b)no

6.Are the shop keepers willing to give extra information on the products?

a) yes b)no

7.What special services attract you in the bookstore?


b)social media account

c)telegram chanel

e)readers society

d)book giveaways

8.Do you find the prices normal in the bookstore ?

a)yes b)no
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