Gain more control over basification with Butan ™ 7840LR. Successful tanning depends on precise control of pH levels in the process

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Put consistency back in your wet blue.

Gain more control over basification with Butan


Successful tanning depends on precise control of pH levels 

in the process. For that, you need Butan 7840LR, an alkaline 

basification agent that promotes optimal bonding to carboxyl 

groups by gradually and predictably raising the pH level in the 

bath. The result is superior neutralization and chrome fixation, 

batch after batch. With Butan 7840LR you’ll reduce the risks 

often associated with basification and bring to market more 

uniform leathers. And that can bring you greater profitability.

pH Profile of Butan







Don’t just get by. Basify with confidence  

using Butan


Buckman precisely controls the quality of our product, so you can 

control the quality of yours.

This is not an offer for sale. The product shown in this literature may not be available for sale and/or available in all geographies where Buckman is represented. The claims made may not have been approved for use in all countries. Buckman assumes 

no obligation or liability for the information. Please contact your Buckman sales representative for more information. 

Seller warrants that this product conforms to its chemical description and is reasonably fit for the purpose referred to in the directions for use when used in accordance with the directions under normal conditions. Buyer assumes the risk of any use 

contrary to such directions. Seller makes no other warranty or representation of any kind, express or implied, concerning the product, including NO IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANT ABILITY OR FITNESS OF THE GOODS FOR ANY OTHER PARTICULAR 

PURPOSE. No such warranties shall be implied by law and no agent of seller is authorized to alter this warranty in any way except in writing with a specific reference to this warranty. 

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All the technical support you need.

In addition to supplying a more standardized 

product, Buckman can help you with implementation 

and monitoring to make sure your processes are 

consistent, too. 

Learn more.

Find out how Butan 7840LR can take the worry out 

of basification and put consistency in your tanning 

process. Contact your Buckman representative, 

or visit

Hide after hide, time after time, you can be  

confident that Butan 7840LR is:

Refined. It is produced only from mineral sources, 

employing advanced purification technologies. As a 

result, Butan 7840LR is 97% free of impurities.

Measured. We ensure performance of our rate-

controlled basifying agent by monitoring and regulating 

the particle size distribution of the milled magnesium 

oxide. Our product is manufactured with consistency—

which translates into consistent results for you.

Tested. Butan 7840LR undergoes rigorous testing to 

ensure that particle distribution is correct and that it 

provides standardized, controlled reactivity with minimal 

pH variations.

Certified. A Certificate of Analysis accompanies every 

batch, stating the chemical composition, particle 

size distribution and reactivity. So you can have full 

confidence in its efficacy.

Safety. Uniformity. Reliability.

Look to Butan 7840LR for:

•  Controlled and standardized reactivity for 

repeatable results

•  Reduced risk of delayed activity resulting in a 

reduced risk of green spots in wet blue

•  Dependable product availability

•  Compatibility with process chemistries 

including fungicides

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