Gather input about bicycle and pedestrian conditions and needed improvements

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  • Gather input about bicycle and pedestrian conditions and needed improvements

  • Learn about typical employee commuting choices and opportunities/challenges for using other commute modes

  • Generate employer interest in Commuter Benefit programs for employees

    • Make it easier & cheaper for employees to use transit/light rail/Sounder/ vanpools/vanshare
    • Examples include:

  • Interviews

    • Conducted in-depth interviews with South Park businesses (both retail and manufacturing)
  • Door-to-Door Outreach

    • Included conversations with retail businesses on 14th Street, which included Spanish interpretation from Feet First and a flyer about non-motorized commute modes, employer incentive programs and federal pre-tax commuter program

  • Industrial:

  • The Gear Works

  • Marine Lumber

  • Seidelhuber Iron & Bronze Works

  • Northwest Grating Products

  • North Star Ice

  • Puget Sound Coatings

  • Washington Lifttruck

  • Alaska Marine Lines

  • Seafreeze Cold Storage

  • Continental Van Lines

  • Wooldridge Boats

  • Ace Galvanizing

  • The Revere Group

  • Employee Commutes:

    • Almost all employees drive to work alone
    • Challenges for employees to use alternative transportation:
      • Afternoon/evening shifts
      • Long-distance commutes
      • Poor transit to South Park
      • Physical jobs – too tired to bike commute

  • Bicycling:

    • Some concerns about trucks, cars, and bicycles sharing the same roads in industrial areas
    • Frustration when bicyclists don’t follow the rules of the road
  • Recommendation:

    • Educate cyclists to follow rules of the road

  • Walking:

    • Most did not have input or recommendations for pedestrian improvements
    • If sidewalks are proposed for the arterial route on 5th Ave, Holden, and Kenyon, businesses may have concerns about parking impacts

  • Other Issues:

    • Road maintenance: Re-paving of arterial streets and paving of non-arterials is a major priority.
    • South Park Bridge closure: Will negatively affect freight travel, deliveries, and employee commutes

  • Improvements Needed:

  • Bike route signage at 14th & Cloverdale

  • Additional trash cans on 14th St

  • Additional lighting on side streets

  • Bus schedules at all bus stops

  • Reduce loitering at bus stops – signs, police enforcement, etc.

  • Replace the South Park Bridge!

Reasons given for not biking/walking:

  • Reasons given for not biking/walking:

    • Distance (18 people)
    • Inclement Weather (5 people)
    • Lack of showers at work (5 people)
    • Schedule conflicts (5 people)
    • Lack of bicycle trails, lanes (3 people)

    • Incentives: Giveaways or raffles for bikers/walkers
    • Bicycle amenities: Showers & bike storage at the worksite
    • Bicycle access in and out of South Park from neighboring communities

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