George Herbert Walker Bush 1989-1993 Living Room Candidate

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George Herbert Walker Bush 1989-1993    

Living Room Candidate


Crash Course

  • George HW Bush and the End of the Cold War: Crash Course US History #44
  • 14 min
  • George Bush had been Vice President under Ronald Reagan. His platform included helping the homeless and the poor, improving education and stepping up the war on illegal drugs. He focused much of his attention as president on foreign affairs.
  • During his tenure in office, the Cold War had come to an end with the individual soviet republics seceding from the union. Bush recognized each newly independent nation and offered them economic aid.
  • Bush Foreign Policy Issues:
  • The Invasion of Panama:
  • Continuing Reagan’s war on drugs, Bush sent US troops into Panama to capture Dictator Gen. Manuel Noriega to face drug charges in US courts. In 1992, he was sentenced to 40 yrs. in federal prison.
  • Bosnia and the Balkans:
  • In 1991, Slovenia & Croatia declared independence from Yugoslavia. Fighting erupted. Refugees sought protection as Bosnian Serbs killed thousands of civilians in an effort to ethnically cleanse [genocidal warfare].
  • The Persian Gulf War:
  • August 1990,Saddam Hussein (Iraq) invades Kuwait claiming it to be Iraqi territory. Bush sends US troops into Saudi Arabia. The UN asked for joint military buildup in neighboring Saudi Arabia called Operation Desert Shield. As allied forces move into Iraq (Operation Desert Storm), the US leads the way. By February 1991, Iraq agrees to UN demands to leave Kuwait.
  • Bush Domestic Policy Issues:
  • The Recession-
  • Campaign promise of “No new taxes” makes it difficult for Bush as the budget deficit grew. By 1990, he was forced to break his word. In 1992, the recession had caused layoffs (IBM locally) and rising unemployment.
  • Savings and Loan Scandal-
  • Misuse of funds in the banking industry forced taxpayers to bail out troubled institutions.
  • Supreme Court Appointments-
  • Bush appoints 2 justices although there was controversy during the hearings.
  • Clarence Thomas David Souter
  • Civil Rights & Civil Unrest-
  • Urban violence/rioting (L.A.) erupts when the Rodney King verdict comes in.

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