Glosarry Commute the ride to and from work Decade

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Commute ---the ride to and from work

Decade --- a period of 10 years (e.g. 1980 - 1990)

resistance --- opposition to something

absenteeism ---the rate of people absent from work or school

productivity ---the rate at which goods or services are produced

retention ---the act of keeping, having, or maintaining

recruitment --- finding and hiring workers in a company

micro-manager --- a manager who wants to be involved in

every detail of his or her staff’s work

delegate --- to assign responsibilities to other people

flexibility --- the ability to change or adapt as needed

gobble -informal to eat food too fast

Amid-in the middle of or surrounded by; among

Surpass-to do or be better than

Incur-experience something, usually something unpleasant, as a result of actions you have taken
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