Grade 11. Control work 2 Reading

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Grade 11. Control work 2


Read through the text and choose ONE answer for each question.

Pet Doctor

There’s an old saying in the theatre world “Never work with children or animals”. It’s a pity that Heijman Gross has never heard this piece of advice, or if he has, that he didn’t pay attention to it. It’s not so much that Pet Doctor is a bad film, although I can’t really find many reasons for saying it’s a good one. It’s more that it makes me angry. Gross is a good actor. His appearance on the New York stage last winter in Shakespeare’s ’Romeo and Juliet’ showed that he really can act. So what’s he doing in this nonsense? It’s a story about a small town doctor who finds he’s making more money by looking after the local children’s pets than by looking after humans. Then he gets into trouble with the police, because he doesn’t have the right sort of licence to do this and, surprise, the children and their pets find a way to solve his problems. I won’t say how, as it’s the only part of the film that’s even slightly original or amusing. If you have to see it, you’d be annoyed with me for telling you. But my advice is, when it comes to a cinema near you stay in and shampoo the cat.


1. What is the writer trying to do in the text?

a) Compare Herman Gross with another actor.

b) Give his or her opinion about using animals in films

c) Give his or her opinion about Pet Doctor.
2. The text gives the reader ...

a) information about a new film.

b) ideas about how animals should be cared for.

c) news about the lives of film stars.
3. The writer thinks that Pet Doctor is ...

a) amusing.

b) original.

c) not worth seeing.
4. Why did the writer mention Romeo and Juliet?

a) It’s an example of a really good play.

b) Gross proved he’s a good actor in it.

c) The central characters are very young.

5. Which one of these TV guides is describing Pet Doctor?

a) A doctor is loved by the children whose pets he cures. But everything goes wrong and he is sent to prison.

b) A doctor finds he can cure local animals, then discovers this isn’t allowed. But it all finishes happily.

c) A doctor prefers animals to humans and stops looking after his patients. People are dying, the animals are cured, then the police arrive ...
Grammar and Vocabulary.

Complete the sentences using the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1. If I _________ (do) well in the exam, my parents will buy me an MP3 player.

2. If my sister borrows my clothes again, I ____________ (scream).

3. We'll leave at six o'clock if the weather ____________ (be) bad.

4. They ____________ (not\ mind ) if we're a bit late this afternoon.

5. Sarah will be very annoyed if Dave ____________ (not\call) her this evening.

6. Will you still go to the concert if the tickets ____________ (cost) 60 euros?

7. If Rania doesn't come to the party, ____________ (Greg\be) upset?

8. I'll be surprised if Doug and Dana ____________ (not\get) a new car soon.

Circle the correct word or phrase.

9. If I win/won a million euros, I'd buy my mum and dad a new house.

11. If Steve paid more attention in class, he (will/would) learn more.

12.If you ____________ (tell) me you were going to the beach I'd have come with you

13. If Dan had missed the plane, he ____________ (be) very annoyed.

14. I'd have got a present if I ____________ (know) it was your birthday.

Write the synonyms of the following words.

1. damage – ______________________

2. people – _______________________

3. jungle – _______________________

4. set on fire – ____________________

5. rescue – _______________________

6. endanger – _____________________

7. remedy – ______________________

8. rush – _________________________

9. precipitation – __________________


Write a problem – solution essay about '' Deforestation'' using the following structure and plan including 150- 200 words.




1-B. 2-A. 3-C. 4-B. 5-B.


1. do

2. will scream

3. is

4. won't mind

5. doesn't call

6. cost

7. will Greg be

8. don't get

9. won

10. would

11. had told

12. would have been

13. had known


1. harm

2. human race

3. rain forest

4. burn

5. escape

6. threaten

7. medicine

8. hurry

9. rain falls.
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